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A full stack developer with a focus on javascript looking to apply an engineering education to build scalable, efficient applications.


Apr 2015Jun 2015

Web Development Certificate

Lighthouse Labs

A nine week eat, sleep, and breathe programming course in Vancouver, B.C.  Learned Ruby and JavaScript along with Ruby on Rails, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Node, and MelonJS.  Emphasis placed on best practices and git workflow.


B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Virginia


Oct 2015Present

Web Application Developer

  • Building an Angular application with a Rails backend Api to facilitate recycling of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” items
  • Primary task includes restructuring the Angular application to work within the Ionic hybrid application framework to run natively on ios and Android devices
Nov 2015Present

Full Stack Engineer

  • Vanilla javascript, React js, and Java Spring developer for a web security start up.
  • Tasks include building and maintaining an Admin portal with role based authentication, displaying user and application metrics, and creating an interactive overlay over server rendered web pages.
  • Created build process using gulp for development and production
Jul 2015Dec 2015

Associate and Technical Guru

StartUp Hall
  • Built a visitor check in system using Ionicjs and Nodejs that integrates with various messaging Apis to notify members when guests have arrived.
  • Event, technical, and general support of a coworking/startup incubator space in Seattle's University District
Oct 2013Feb 2015

Project Engineer

Engineering Consulting Services
  • Consulted for owners and contractors to interpret engineering standards and provide engineered solutions for unforeseen circumstances for clients
  • Daily tasks included writing proposals, marketing, and managing as many as 20 projects at any given time
  • Reviewed and completed technician field reports to verify specifications were met and procedures were followed

Sample Projects

Mana-Match Quest

A real time turn based competitive puzzle game written using Melonjs, Nodejs and the koajs framework.

Sign in with google and choose a team. As soon as a match is found, the game will begin. Slide (not swap) crystal rows to make matches. Matches are translated into attack mana and at the end of your turn your champions will attack the opposing player down to his or her last man.


Sears-Postmates Local Delivery

A mock up for the Sears Local Delivery API written for the Sears Seattle Hackathon written in Angularjs with Nodejs on the back end.  Due to updates in the Postmates api the site is currently offline.

The API was built for the Sears Seattle Hackathon using Apigee-127 and implements Sears and Postemates APIs to easily search for Sears products available for immediate in-store pick up and delivery via Postmates. 

Store Git | API Git

Rotten Mangoes

A movie review website written in rails, with user authentication, admin dashboard, and twitter bootstrap

Go ahead, submit and review a movie you enjoyed (or didn't!).