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Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Solutions Architect, Developer and Consultant

Telamon Business Architecture

I resigned from Consilia Consult to pursue a company of my own in the IT industry.

Telamon Business Architecture was formed as a consulting firm to provide independent advice to companies regarding their IT systems architecture.  A network of professional providers was established that could address many aspects of a company's needs.

Our philosophy:

  • Understand the client's real business software application needs.
  • Create and manage a rich, engaging relationship between the application vendor and the client.
  • Facilitate a high return on investment for both vendor and client.

With a solid background of Enterprise Resource Planning systems, Business Process Management and Business Intelligence, the company is well positioned to provide valuable guidance to its clients that ensure the right solutions are professionally implemented.

My most significant work was for The Reclamation Group:

I was approached by the Reclamation Group to do their QlikView development on the new SAP Business One implementation that was in the process of rolling out to all their branches.

After negotiation with my previous employer it was agreed that I could do the work.

The QlikView project required a range of applications.

Time and Attendance Monitoring

This application retrieves information from a FireBird database that is populated by the biometric scanners throughout the head office building. Attendance, In/Out board and office hour trends is provided to reception and management staff.

Service Desk Monitoring

One of the side projects that I developed was a fully functional service desk built using ProcessMaker, a business process automation tool. QlikView is used to read the MySQL database and monitor the open cases, agent performance etc.

Integration and Reconciliation Dashboard

Each of Reclamation's 75 branches feeds information to head office via RepliWeb RMFT. At this point the XML files are processed by iBolt into SAP Business One.

The QlikView dashboard application provides two functions.

  • To extract log information from iBolt to verify transaction integrity from a infrastructure perspective. The support team at head office constantly monitor this application to detect and fix any errors that occur.
  • To provide a full reconciliation view of all transactions from a financial perspective. Information is traced from the Yard Management System and from SAP Business One. More than 30 error types are detected and reacted on.

This application has become indispensable with new functionality added regularly.

I have enhanced the dashboard with various Adobe Flex web pages and some business process automation interfaces that interact directly from QlikView. The solution detects any erroneous SAP transactions, notifies the responsible person and publishes the QlikView information to a secure web site from where problems can be easily viewed and then rectified.

The dashboard data is reloaded every 15 minutes by QlikView Server and then pushed to the agents. Users are not permitted to do manual reloads so that server loads can be predicted and managed.

Financial Reporting

This application provides a complete snapshot of the entire SAP Business One database. The QlikView security model and data reduction functions ensure that branch information remains confidential.

Branches access the application from the QlikView Access Point via their web browsers. Single sign-on is achieved by obtaining domain credentials so no additional passwords are required. To manage SAP and QlikView security from a central point, users' authorised branch list is obtained from a SAP security add-on module.

The financial application replaces all the SAP Business One financial reporting including Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Ageing reports, purchasing and sales information. The application is also responsible for re-mapping all transactions to an alternative chart of accounts used by top management.


Both the Dashboard and the Financial Reporting applications form the pinnacle of my QlikView work to date. These two applications with their supporting systems required extensive planning and open minded thinking to accomplish.

Mar 2008Feb 2009

Senior Consultant

Consilia Consult

Consilia Consult is a QlikView focused consulting firm. Having had extensive business experience, fitting into the business intelligence role was relatively easy for me.

QlikView projects:

Imperial Chauffeur Drive

Spec:  Operational data analysis for driver, vehicle and route efficiency monitoring. Data source: In-house system using MS SQL Server Involvement: System design, development, implementation and training.  

Astor Cash and Cary

Spec: Retail chain business analysis tools to assist in product selection, promotion management and supplier negotiations. Data source: Arch Point of Sale using MS SQL Server

Involvement: System design, development, implementation and training. 

Reclamation Group

Spec: Reclamation Group was planning to implement a new SAP Business One and Yard Management System. They required an interim tool that would consolidate the various branch purchases and report all information from one central point. The SAP implementation was to start mid 2009. Data source: In-house system using MS SQL Server Involvement:System design, development, implementation and training.  

Captain Liquor

Spec: Liquor wholesaler requiring business information from the current ERP (SAP Business One) Data source: MS SQL Server Involvement: System design, development, implementation and training.  

CA Sales Botswana

Spec: General wholesaler requiring business information from the current ERP (SAP Business One) Data source: MS SQL Server Involvement: System design, development, implementation and training.  

Petrow Foods

Spec: Spice and foods distributor requiring business information from the current ERP (SAP Business One) Data source: MS SQL Server Involvement: System design, development, implementation and training.  

Inala Media

Spec: BEE purchasing reporting based on the current financial system (Accpac) Data source: Pervasive Involvement: System design, development, implementation and training.  


Spec: Call Centre management Data source: Daily extracted files from call centre phone systems. Involvement: System design, development, implementation and training.  

Consilia Compass QlikView Host Application

Spec:In-house development using the QlikView OCX inside of a host application developed in Delphi. The application hosts commercial QlikView modules and provides script security, copy protection, QVW file management, connection string management and automatic web based updates. Data source: MS Access for host application. Modules used various databases. Involvement: System design, graphic design and development.

Jul 2006Feb 2008


Independent Business Solutions Consultant

I acted as independent consultant to companies. This was an advisory role that often evolved into physical software development or application implementations. The value proposition to the clients included cleaning up business processes, streamlining existing ERP systems or implementing complete new ERP systems.

My ERP system of choice at this stage was Pastel Evolution.

Jul 1999Jun 2006

Managing Director

G2 Global Doors and Components

G2 Global Doors and Components was the result of the refocus of Greystone Contour Doors. As managing director of the new entity, I guided the company on a stable growth path to a peak staff compliment of 160 personnel, a 24 hour production cycle, and utilising 8000 square meters of administration and production floor space.

Personal achievements:

  • Full development of all production software systems. (Delphi and MS SQL Server)
  • Development of integration tools to port data from production to the accounting system. (Pastel Evolution)
  • Installation of hardware, networks and operating systems for all aspects of information technology infrastructure.
  • I created all branding, graphics, marketing documents and company web site.
  • Development and implementation of tight inventory management and control systems.
  • Extensive HR and IR experience including union negotiations, policy and procedure development, staff counselling and disciplinary procedures.
  • I gained a tremendous amount of hands on experience of running a company, juggling cash flow and understanding what makes a business work.
  • I also learned some expensive lessons on what does not work and the pitfalls a business should look out for.

G2 Global was considered one of the largest kitchen cabinet and cabinet door manufacturers in South Africa.

Nov 1992Jun 1999

Managing Member

Greystone Contour Doors

As managing member of the closed corporation and responsible for all aspects of the business, I gained much experience in business administration, industrial relations and manufacturing. The company grew from two staff members occupying 85 square metres of floor space to 30 staff in a 1000 square metre factory.

Personal achievements:

  • Development of our internal production management software.
  • Business management and administration.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Cash flow and debtors management.

The closed corporation was transformed into a proprietary limited company and undergone a rebranding and repositioning in the market.


MS SQL Server (Transact SQL)
MS SQL Server has formed an integral part of most of my QlikView developments. The trick is to get the workload spread out nicely between SQL, the QlikView script and finally the presentation layer. The more work SQL and the load script can achieve, the lighter footed your final results.
Adobe Graphics Tools and various other
I have used and am proficient in various software applications. These include: Microsoft Office product range (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project) Adobe Products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After Effects, InDesign) 3D Packages (Autodesk MAX, Autodesk Maya) Web tools (PHP, DotNetNuke framework)
ProcessMaker (BPM)
I am fascinated at the possibilities that business process automation brings. There is nothing more elegant than effective, effortless and agile business process flow.
Adobe Flex
The Flex framework delivers a solid data driven web based application. The combination of a RAD environment, the built in graphical abilities and delivery directly in your browser makes Flex one of my favorite tools. I believe the future lies in zero installation clients delivered over the internet.
Delphi Win 32 development
As other technologies have emerged, Delphi has had to stand back a bit. It still remains my fallback application when pure power and hard coding is required. Sometimes a desktop application can still do the job in this internet driven world.
QlikView provides me with immense work satisfaction and I have not yet found a problem that cannot be solved by applying a bit of creativity.


Industrial Design

Wits Technicon

Grade 12

Nico Malan High School


Brian Macgregor

"Hard working and passionate - thinks outside the box."

Steven Friedman

Neels Du Plooy

"With a positive attitude and proven ability, Wilfred will have a profitable impact on any business he is associated with."

Pierre Naudé

"Wilfred is a systematic thinker and creative problem solver who, having run his own businesses, understands the needs of business people. He is diligent, hardworking and takes pride in his work. He will attack projects tenaciously and produce desired results."

QlikView Projects


The business world is merciless towards those that stand still for too long. We must embrace change, technology and people as our allies and they will become the driving force behind our success. I strive to always make a difference, to ensure the team succeeds, to put the company I work with at the forefront of their industry.


I have served the community as

  • Residents Association chairman
  • Vice chairman of the Community Policing Forum

Sport and Hobbies

  • Golf
  • Toastmaster
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Cooking for friends