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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am applying for the position of English Teacher. I am a motivated, entertaining, and skilled speaker of the English language. I hold a TEFL- certification and a PhD in Natural Health & Nutrition. I was born in Holland, but I have traveled and lived for the last 22 years in English speaking countries like; America, Canada, Australia, Bermuda, Dutch & British Caribbean and England.


I am bilingual and speak the English language fluently, near native. Furthermore, I speak Dutch, German and basic Spanish. Besides the teaching experience I gained while taking the TEFL certification I have several years of experience in giving classes and lectures about health. I have also written a self-help book about health. Pretty much my whole life I have been working in the service industry, so I am very confident with people.

My classes are very humorous and active. I enjoy entertaining and use various teaching tools to have the students learn English in a fun and educational way. I can work flexible hours and I am mobile to be able to place myself wherever it is needed.


TEFL Certification, July 2012 – Malaga, Spain

PhD from the University of Natural Health, Doctor of Philosophy / Hygienic Doctor, 2010 – MS, USA

Natural Whole food Chef, February 2002 – Cotati, California, USA

A more complete and detailed CV is available on request.

I know I cannot offer a long list of experience here with teaching English classes, but in my eyes it is pretty comparable with teaching health to a group of people. My passion to teach health is certainly equal to teaching English, because I find it unfortunate that Spain's ability to speak this international language is below par and I want to help.

Hobbies & Interests

Languages – Natural Health – Computers – Science – Outdoors Recreation - Traveling

I hope I have informed you sufficiently at this time. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further details

Best Regards