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Wilbur Stakes, international trading, project financing, asset management, insurance, debt recovery, financial due diligence, commodities, sailing, tennis


A Financial professional with more than three decades of experience in global manufacturing, licensing, and distribution, Wilbur Stakes serves as President and owner of Horizon Capital Of America, Inc. (HCA). Wilbur Stakes’ breadth of expertise extends to commodities trading, portfolio management, complex insurance vehicles, and venture enterprise financing. HCA maintains offices in the United States and Europe, and has representatives across the globe serving the needs of a diverse clientele. Completing a Master of Laws degree at the Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Wilbur Stakes began his career as Director of International Licensing with Jones & Company. He then served for four years as Floor Department Assistant Director at the New York Stock Exchange. After two years as Vice President with Leavenworth Nat’l Bank & Trust, Wilbur Stakes established himself as a private practice attorney. With a decade of independent legal experience behind him, he accepted a position as Project Manager with a real estate development company. In leading Horizon Capital Of America, Inc. since 1991,Wilbur Stakes has maintained the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, closely protecting client privacy. His firm often undertakes financial due diligence at the request of existing and potential clients, maintaining an excellent track record of exposing financial fraud. Wilbur Stakes assists in the financing of venture enterprises, leveraging long-standing partnerships to provide cash infusions for companies with exceptional go-to-market strategies. HCA also offers insurance services extending to one-of-a kind works of art, as well as to international bonds that may involve political risk. Wilbur Stakes holds qualification as a Stephen Minister, and has undertaken duties as Deacon at Dennis Union Church on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He has additionally attained Master Mason status with the Masonic Lodge in South Dennis. Currently a resident of Maryland, Mr. Stakes has been a supporter of The American National Red Cross on Cape Cod, volunteering to serve meals. Wilbur Stakes contributes to The Salvation Army as well as Save Darfur, a coalition of nonprofit organizations committed to ending human rights atrocities in Sudan. In his spare time, Wilbur Stakes enjoys outdoor activities such as sailing and playing tennis.

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Osgoode Hall Law School