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Jan 2011Present


Pontes Goese Lyceum
Aug 2007Nov 2010

Junior High School

Balboa Academy

Grade Scale (F lowest - A highest)  P.E.= Failure lowest - Passing highest

7th Grade

                          Qty 1,             Qty 2,          Qty 3,             Qty 4,     

Pre-Algebra:      A+               A                   A-                    A-

Science:              A-                B                    A                    A

English:              A+               A-                  B+                  B+

P.E. :              Passing       Passing        Passing      Passing

Spanish:             B                A-                  A-                     B

Geography:        A                A-                  A-                     A-

8th Grade

                      Qty 1,             Qty 2,          Qty 3,             Qty 4,     

Algebra 1:          B+                B-

Science:             A-                  A-

English:             A-                  A-

P.E. :              Passing       Passing       

Spanish:              B                   A-

History:                B+                 A-

9th Grade

10th Grade


Elementary School

International School of Helsinki (I.S.H)

Wietse arrived in ISH when he was 7 years old. He entered in second grade. ISP is a typical international schools where there are very few "locals" and basically expat children. The language was 100% english.


Elementary School

Oxford International School (O.I.S)

Grading Scale:  Lowest 2.0 - Highest 5.0

4th Grade

    Math:        4.4

Spanish:  4.5

English :  4.7

Science:  4.7

Physical Education: 5.0

Computer:  4.8

Total Average: 4.7

5th Grade

  Math:       4.3

Spanish:  3.8

English :  4.5

Science:  4.2

Physical Education: 5.0

Computer:  4.8

Total Average: 4.6

6th Grade

Math:        4.1

Spanish:  4.2

English :  4.6

Science:  4.2

Physical Education: 5.0

Computer: 4.8

Total Average: 4.47

May 2000May 2003

Elementary school

Sworn College

Wietse arrived in Argentina and went to Sworn International School. He learned English and Spanish in this School. The Sworn in Pacheco (Provincia Buenos Aires) is a school with large fields to play Futbol, Rugby and (Field-) Hockey. Wietse performed well as a student.



Work experience



Passing A