Jack of all trades with several years of experience in credit management, advising higher management, project management, consultancy and legal matters in debt collection, as well as real estate related matters. Will not turn aside when a problem occurs, has a hands on mentality and a strong backbone.

Work History

Work History
May 2015 - Present

Manager Finance (volunteer)

Jasmine Bee B.V.

Jasmine Bee is a Social Environmental Business Venture with a two-pronged approach: to built and empower the Tanzanian Honey Industry and to participate in the Tanzanian Honey Sector. As (volunteer) manager finance I plan and organize  operational and financial aspects of this start-up. 

Mar 2012 - Present

Credit Controller Real-Estate

B.V. Nederlandsche Woningfinanciering-maatschappij

For B.V. Newomij I am responsible for the Accounts Receivable department. My tasks include the processing and sending of (rent) bills, booking of incoming payments, sending of reminders, warning and summonses. I actively approach debtors to make payment arrangements and, if there is no alternative, transfer files to one of our bailiffs. I am also in charge of the related preparatory legal work and attend appearances of the parties or I execute the written defences. I am also the legal source of information of the company and do the background check on prospective tenants. I also do consultations with lawyers if a bankruptcy occurs, the handling of complaints, create management reports and am involved in the companies art committee.

May 2011 - Dec 2011

Credit Controller

Het C.A.K.

Seconded by CareerControl I was hired to reduce the large number of outstanding debts. In addition, with the people of Tele'Train, I provided training to new colleagues to become efficient credit-collectors. 

Nov 2007 - Nov 2010

Assistant Legal affairs/ Collector/ Consultant

Intrum Justitia

When I started at Intrum Justitia I was hired as a debt collector, my job was to collect overdue invoices. After a couple of months I specialized in Legal collections and was asked to hop around from team to team, mainly ISP's, and mobile operators to share my knowledge and to optimise business. In August 2008 I was send to a large ISP to retrieve 12 mio. from debtors, help out with 1500 legal issues and helped the CEO to restructure the company's credit management department. After that I executed various in house activities: I set up a team for the largest telecom company of the Netherlands, I was seconded to the legal department, I set up two outsourcing projects and helped to maintain one of the biggest customers of Intrum Justitia.

Jan 2007 - May 2011


Ultimate Art

Ultimate Art was a website via which I sold my graphical designs.

Apr 2009 - Apr 2010


Jonge Democraten Leiden-Haaglanden

Jonge Democraten (Young Democrats) is a liberal political youth organisation with over 5000 members in The Netherlands. Although fully independent Jonge Democraten are linked to the liberal party D66. In the Leiden-Haaglanden division we had over 1000 members. As Secretary General I made sure our division ran smoothly, I did all the communication and replaced the chairman in his absence.

Feb 2006 - Oct 2007

Junior Project Manager

Achmea Zorg

After winning a contest to seek young talents I gained a position as junior project manager. I worked in a team of three experienced Project Managers on a project called "Goed, Beter, Best". The project's objective was to get Avéro Achmea first position on the ranking list of best insurers in the Netherlands. The project was a success: in 2006 we elevated from fifth to third position and in 2007 we hit second place. 

Nov 2004 - Jan 2006

Senior KCC

Achmea Zorg

As senior employee of the customer contact center I was responsible for handling complaints and dealing with difficult issues on claims. I was also responsible for debt collections, information supply to the front office and did research on fraud. I gave training on changes in the Insurance Act and was responsible for providing up to date information on legislative changes to the employees of the contact center.

Oct 2001 - Sep 2003

Telemarketeer/Contact Manager


I started at 2Contact as a Tele-marketer, I sold various products over the telephone: from ADSL to mobile phones. After a little less than a year I made promotion to Contact Manager. I was responsible for a small group of call center agents (25/30) and took care of the training of the agents focused on the quality of the conversations and the power to sell. My team always preformed on or above target.


Cooking, travelling, reading, mah-jong, swimming, rock-climbing, art and drawing.


May 2015 - May 2015

Law in Real-Estate

BSR Incasso en gerechtsdeurwaarders
May 2010 - May 2010

M.S. Office Excel level 3

New Horizons opleidingen B.V.
Feb 2008 - Mar 2008

Juridische aspecten van het debiteurenbeheer

Van Den Bosch Juridische opleidingen


Sep 1999 - Aug 2001

M.B.O. - Koksopleiding

R.O.C. Amsterdam
Aug 1995 - Jul 1999


Linnaeus College Haarlem