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The unprecedented growth of the internet and all web related business and activities has brought with it an accompanying increase in all business related to complementary web products. Ranking high among these new businesses are those that claim and aim to foster interaction between the user and the supplier, and strengthen the relationship between these as a means to leveraging increased revenue.

Widdit is a B2B company that creates platforms for publishers, site owners, websites owners, web/software developers etc. and users, with the aim of generating interaction between these parties. The company focuses on internet interactions in which the user experience meets the business model, and makes use of practical tools and add-ons that make the browsing experience better for the site users, encouraging them to return to the site and thus ultimately leading to increased revenues. Widdit offer several products that facilitate this process.

The Toolbar offered by Widdit can be both branded and customized. The site owner can brand the Toolbar with its logo and look and feel, as well as populate the Toolbar with applications and features that have been customized to suit its particular community of users. By taking advantage of the admin console, the features on the Toolbar can be managed remotely.

One of the most common actions perform by users is searching. The Widdit Autocomplete function works inside a website on which it has been implemented, and activates an auto-suggest/Autocomplete feature for terms relevant on the site. Over time the Autocomplete function improves as its suggestions are based on the user’s requirements and behaviour, and its results are combined with the user’s search trends and geographical location. Implementing the Autocomplete feature is a simple procedure requiring copying the HTML code into the site code.

Add-on by Widdit complements and expands the Autocomplete feature across the web. This is achieved by site owners or web developers implementing Autocomplete on their sites, enabling the users to enjoy the feature on all online searches.

Smartphones and tablets are platforms that cannot be ignored today as a constantly increasing number of users are using these for online activities every day. In keeping with this trend, Widdit has an app for Android in development, which is currently being beta tested. The app will allow providers to promote their content and brands to Android users, significantly increasing their exposure and revenue potential.

Widdit was co-founded in 2007 by Noam Fine, who today serves as the company’s CEO, and Yossi Marouani, currently the CTO. In its few years of existence the company has increased its accessibility many-fold, today being accessible to tens of millions of users across the globe. Widdit’s plans for the future include expanding on this impressive number of users and penetrating recognized emerging markets such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia. China is a possible entry point for initial expansion. The company’s offices are in Ramat Gan in Israel, and its passionate and dedicated staff aims to change the way people browse the web, while concurrently offering unique commercial opportunities to its partners.