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Work experience

Aug 2008Present


Kell High School


Aug 2008Present


Kell High School


Fireworks is also a newer software I am learning, however, it is becoming very simple to modify and create images without the slightest discomfort.
Flash is the newest software that I have been exploring and since then I have become adept in certain areas of it. The main aspects that I am currently attempting to grasp are the creation of websites through flash, and the construction of games though flash.
This is the software other than Notepad that I have used to make websites. Dreamweaver has created a comfortable environment in which I can freely exercise all of the skills needed to make an attractive website.
I began using Photoshop in order to enhance the images used on my websites. Since then, I have become quite proficient in using this software for graphic design.


Beth Zullo

Mrs. Zullo is my current Advanced Web Design teacher and has viewed all of work in my areas of skill.

Kyle Mott

Kyle Mott is a fellow classmate of mine in my Advanced Web Design class. We have worked collaboratively on many projects involving Web Design.


I am a diligent worker who takes pride in my work . I make sure that the cirteria for projects are met and excelled at.


I am very intersted in teh creation of computer and technological software in modern sciences. Also, I biological engineering has become an interest of mine as well.