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I enjoy riding my motorcycle, regular exercise, reading, playing my piano, and spending time with my family/friends.

My family and I go hunting every year- it is a family tradition.

I played soccer for over 6 years, but unfortunately quit because of my commitment to my program at the college.


Currently in the course of completing my policing diploma at Lethbridge College, I have learned so much already. I have bettered myself for a career in policing, not just through the policing program offered at the college, but also through previous work and volunteer experience.

Past business acquaintances will confirm my amiable yet hardworking demeanour. My most recent employer offered me a full-time position which I unfortunately had to turn down because of my band commitment in Malaysia. I believe in my fathers saying: “If you do not do it right, do not do it at all.”-Whenever I commence a task I make sure I do it specific to the employers will.

Work experience

Apr 2011Present

General Laborer

Central Alberta Greenhouses Ltd.

I work in a 35 degree celsius, 90% humid greenhouse for 12 hours a day during the summers getting plant shipments ready for delivery. I water, trim, and move plants when necessary. 


Karl Munro

Karl has been my friend for over 10 years.

Joan Spangler

Joan is my piano teacher. I have known her for over 6 years.

Resume & cover letter


Sep 2011Present


Lethbridge College

Among all the courses I have taken at Lethbridge College, the ones I feel have benefitted me most are law, effective presentations, and English. So far my grade point average is at 3.7.

In law, we learned all the basics of Canadian law, including case law, and some important legal definitions. In effective presentations, we were able to get up in front of the class and practice our public speaking skills. In our English course, we worked on our technical/grammatical writing techniques and made sure we were able to spell everything correctly.


Organization is key to efficiency, and scheduling goes in hand with both. Everything I do is organized, from keeping an organized room, to the workspace I use to work on assignments. I schedule each day the night before so as soon as I wake up I know exactly what to do.
I have always been punctual, from school to work. In band we had a saying: "If you are on time, you are late." This meant to arrive at least ten minutes earlier to get prepared.
Use of computers
Aside from growing up with computers and my father teaching me about computers from when he took college courses, I took several modules in high school on the use of computers and information processing.
From when I first joined the Red Deer Royals Marching show band to moving to Lethbridge to attend the Lethbridge College, I have been able to quickly adapt to different environments and build a positive rapport with surrounding individuals.
I was the alto saxohone section leader in the Red Deer Royals marching show band between 2010 and 2011, I took two leadership workshops during this time as well.
Have obtained a class 5 and 6 license.