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A successful sales professional with many years of direct inside and outside sales. The ability to prospect, to build relationships quickly, and retain business. Motivated and proactive individual who is a self-starter and one who takes pride in maintaining superior customer service. Along withyears of experience in sales and management, was also responsible for the customers account from the start to collections if necessary. I offer experience with contracts and contacting via telephone or face to face for follow up with delinquent accounts large and small.


                        For fifteen years, I worked for and with the California Indian Council. I traveled every three months on my vacation time to reservations throughout California, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. I was involved in collecting clothing ,food, medical equipment and supplies for reservations that were remote and didn't receive govenment programs. I also raised money for heating stoves and made sure everyone had warm coats and blankets. I supplied  the food bank programs at the reservations, and also supplied water drums for families where wells were miles away. I worked with my teacher, Black Bear, in helping the urban people with their needs as well. There were many pow-wows, charity events and projects to help with.

                        Since 1991, I have been making traditional and contemporary artwork. I make full leather hand-made ragalia, such as leggins ,vests, and coats. Also mandallas, dreamcatchers, tobacco bags, medicine bags ,turtle bags,spears and custom Pendelton coats. I have shown my work in the Santa Fe gallery, Challenger Hall and many private storesas well as on the road. I have included a few pictures of my artwork in my portfolio as follows: 


My greatest  professional strengths are that I  have been in business- to- business sales for over 20 years .My top priority is to know my business thoroughly  in order to best serve my company and my customers. As you will read in my resume, I feel I would be an asset to your company.

For many years, I have dedicated myself to learning my industry and  what makes a successful sales person . You will also see a broad range of experience in product selling as well as selling  services.I have  been very succeedful  in cold calling for new business by face to face ,phone calls, and various techniques I have learned. My experience includes  technical sales in electronics from a one man company to NASA ,as well as industrial chemicals and advertising. 

I work well with diverse groups of people and within a team. I am experienced working from a virtual office as well as from a branch office. I am in excellent health, single, and available as the position requires. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Ron Coffman

Ron was my manager at Force Electonics and we have remained friends since.

Kari Miltnberger

Kari and I worked together at Deluxe Corporation and have remained close friends.

George Stubblefield

George hired me and was my manager at Deluxe Corp. We have remained friends.

Mary Ann Poore

Mary Ann and I worked together at Yellow Book and have remained friends since.

Work experience

Aug 2010Mar 2011

Sales representative

United Imaging

Responsible for cold calls 70-100 a day to build an account base that covers east to west coast. This company sells office supplies, custom furniture, printers, and copiers. Used company software to track customer history and sales on NextGen.

Cmpany downsized sales people due to slow economy and sales.

Manager:  Yigal Avrahamy  800-999-0159

Apr 2007May 2008

Western Regional Manager

United Laboratories

                                                  Responsible for recruiting new people for various states and cities.

Trainednew hires in all aspects of this business.

Cold calls in every territory.

Traveled90% of the time.

Called on military bases, hospitals, state and city governments,

                                                  water treatment facilities, nursing homes, etc.

                                                  Comapny downsized employees due to a slow economy and sales.

                                                  My residence and base of operations was Upland, California.

Manager: Robert Jones  800-323-2594.

Aug 2005Dec 2006

Outside Sales Consultant

Deluxe Corporation

                                                    Responsible for developing 500 existing accounts with new product lines.

Prospecting for new business through cold calls on phone and in person.

Initiated strategies for finding new business.

Serviced the banking industry.

Placed and remained in the top five of my division.

My office was #1in the country during the last quarter.

Trained the new hires. 

                                                    During my first five months with the comapany I led conferences for better sales

                                                    practices, and also engaged in conference calls for new hires.

                                                    Wrote scripts for my team for setting appointments

                                                    Sucessful in selling to increase sales in a slow market.

Made 60-100 calls weekly toset appointments. 

                  Worked with SFCD ( Sales Force Dot Com) to track profits and sales.

                                                    My residence and base of operations was Upland,California.

                                                    The economy necessitated national lay-offs.

                                                    Manager: George Stubblefield  714-512-1205

May 2003Dec 2004

Outside Sales Consultant

Yellow Book

Opened new territories and completed new campaign to within 90% of goal.

Made over 100 cold calls per week by phone and face to face.

                                                  This was a new company in the State of New Mexico; therefore everything

                                                  initially was done by cold calls.

                                                  Opened successful campaigns in  Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Gallup, Farmington,

                                                  and Grants.

                                                  My residence and base of operations was Albuquerque, New Mexico.

                                                  Left  Albuquerque to help my daughter further her education in California.

                                                  Manager: Linda Shelton  832-623-5600

Nov 1999Apr 2003

Outside Sales Consultant

Univar USA

                                                    Handled a diverse line of manufacturing chemicals thoughout New Mexico.

Opened new accounts with cold calling and customer- based referrals.

Successfully introduced new product lines and generated loyal customers.

Grew my territory to $2.9 million annually.

Increased profits 126%.

Increased sales 109%.

                                                    This company was formerly VanWaters and Rogers, and was bought out by

                                                    Univar, resulting in a lay-off.

                                                    Manager:  Glen Carter  432-366-3243

Aug 1998Nov 1999


Modern Woodman of America

                                                  Utilized their market plans and effective networking plans to build

a market throughout New Mexico and Texas.

Made cold calls by phone, face to face, and acquired referrals.

                                                  My residence and base of operations was based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

                                                  Left for better job.

                                                  Manager:  Johnny Clifton  505-872-0230

May 1997May 1998

Outside Sales Consultant

Force Electronics

                                                  Handled a diverse line of active and passive electronics.

Launched successful campaigns to increasesales and customer loyalty.

                                                  In one year,effectively turned a failing territory from39K to 100K per month.

Responsible for design win opportunities sale that led toprotected sales.

Interfaced effectively with field engineers toincrease sales.

Successfully opened new accounts every month.

                                                  My residence and base of operations was Encino, California.

                                                  Moved to New Mexico.

                                                  Manager:  Ron Coffman  805-660-9511

May 1996May 1997

Outside Sales Consultant

Pioneer Electronics

                                                  Managed a large and diverse account base for passive and active electronics.

Successfully grew a failing territory to $2.9 million per year.

                                                  In one year, more than tripled account base with new business.

Made 50-100 calls weekly by phone and face to face.

                                                  My residence an base of operation was in the San Fernando Valley, Califonia.

                                                  This branch of Pioneer was going to close, and I was recruited by Force


                                                  This  part of Pioneer Electronics is closed, my manager at that time was

                                                  Rik Thompson

Jan 1987Sep 1996

Branch Manager/Outside Sales Consultant

Newark Electronics

                                                  Opened 400 accounts by cold calling the first year, which increased every year 


Opened all new accounts usingSIC codes, Industrial Guides, and phone books.

Inthree years, was promoted to Branch Manager and successfully opened three 

                                                  new branches.   

Trained all new sales people.

                                                  Successfully  opened military accounts, including NASA, which became the 

                                                  companies third largest account.

                                                  Successful in gaining sales from classified divisions in the Army,Navy and Air


Sold parts for contracts such as the Black Hawk R&D and US space shuttle.

Made up to 65 cold calls by phone per day besides calling on account base.

Managed both  inside sales and outside sales.

                                                  My residence and base of operations was Woodland Hills, California.

                                                  Newark Electronics had national lay- offs, including all managers.

                                                  Manager: Manny Guerrero  214-405-7972

Sep 1995May 1996

Outside Sales Consultant

Electronic Supply

                                                  Successfully managed a large territory for electro-mechanical products.

                                                  Increased business by 50%.

                                                  Set appointments by cold calling on phone and B2B.

                                                  My residence and base of operations was Agoura Hills, California.

                                                  Company was bought by Insellectro and I left because of changes.

                                                  Manager: Joe Silva


High School

Waverly High School


Outside Sales
I actually started in outside sales in 1981 when my daughter was two years old. I had never done sales before, but my friend asked me to work for him under his license. I had $200 to my name, I was a single parent, and at least I had  the courage to really get out there and try.The job I was doing was for home insulation and other items designed to help save energy and money. This was when the government was giving rebates for almost the full amount of what it cost to have their home upgraded. I had to measure the square footage and do a presentation,  and give them a price .I crawled in attics and under houses.   I parked my car in the neighborhood where my daughter's day care was, and with shaking knees, walked to my first home and knocked on the door. The lady opened the door and after I told her what I was doing there, she said she'd be interested!  I measured the house six times to be sure I did it right! I did my presentation and told her what it would cost and how much she would get back. She bought the program and gave me a check for the whole amount.   I made several appointments that day and continued door knocking everyday. I learned what was the best time to knock, and when to leave flyers on their doorsteps. I made more money than I ever had before working 30 hours a week and, for once, having time with my daughter.   I was the only woman in the business and trained others.I also trained people to make calls and set appointments for me. I worked in this industry for six years until the goverment stopped giving rebates. I learned about rejection and closing even the toughest person. I got into homes where others couldn't, and had set up deals with the florist and bakery to give my customers gifts as a thank you--flowers for the ladies and baked bread and brownies for the men, and always asking for referrals, of which I sold 90%.   I didn't know any better then, that this was one of the most challenging sales jobs, or that you didn't need the full amount paid before the job! My manager just kept letting me do it to see how long I could! I enjoyed the job, I stayed in great shape walking all day, sunny California, and I could pick any city I wanted to work. My colleagues (all men) challenged me to sell in the "rich" areas. It took a while of knocking doors, but I knew if I could just get one place done and get a reference letter, I could get in the rest. An elderly couple bought the plan, loved the work and wrote me a reference letter. That was my best month ever, with $10,000 commission!   I thought this would be an interesting and fun way to share my beginning in sales. It has been a great learning and growing experience and some of my funniest and nicest experiences with the public.
Sales Experience
I have enjoyed 27 years of salesexperiece. The first eleven years were spent in the electronics industry. I worked with electro-mechanical parts to advanced actives and passives. My first role was in inside sales where I did many cold calls via the telephone and answered incoming calls to book orders. Every day was proactive in building new business and servicing the accounts I had already opened--  from the food industry, hospitals, manufacturers, to all my military accounts, to NASA where I had government clearance. I became a Branch Manager within two years, and took many classes required by the company for sales and skills. I worked well with my team and also interfaced with the manufacturing reps and company field engineers. I traveled 3-4,000 miles a month for the company.   After the electronics industry was on its way out, I ventured into chemical sales which I did in New Mexico and California as a sales rep and a Western Regional Manager. This required recruiting new sales people ,hiring and training them in the business, and cold calls daily both in person and on the phone. My position also included all forms of reports and company software programs. I serviced all size companies and sold to military bases, government facilities ,hospitals,schools,manufacturing,and water treatment plants,etc.   At  Deluxe Corporation, I serviced 500 existing accounts, banking facilities, and also developed new business.Deluxe is the largest check printing company in the world. They also offered promotional products such as wearing apparel with company logos,regular and special order printing needs,and many types of promotional products. I made 60-100 phone calls per week and used Sales Force.Com to log all customer opportunities. I also wrote phone scripts for our group and spoke at western and national conferences on best practices for our region.   At Yellow Book, I helped to launch four new  books in New Mexico where Yellow Book had never done business. Each day required 100-200 phone calls and B2B cold calls. The areas I opened were Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Gallup, Farminton and Grants. Advertising sales required immense paperwork with copy sheets and layouts, and meeting deadlines every week.