Steven G. Whitehouse

Steven G. Whitehouse

                                                                                                                       Human Capital Performance Consultant &                       Mental Health/well-Being Professional


Change Management, Program Management, Cross-functional Teams, Personal Development, Project Management, Employee Training, Project Planning, Mental Health, Psychotherapy, Organizational Design, Research, Workshop Facilitation, Management Consulting, Leadership Development, Psychology, & Organizational Development.


I have a 13-year history of skilled organizational and human performance professional work along with business development experience within Fortune 500 corporations. Proven leadership in project management including functional teams. Specifically, my experience encompasses designing, developing and implementing initiatives within instructional and organizational design, business strategy, processes, change management and communications.

I also have a diversified 11-year educational and psychological development background that includes performing psychotherapy within private practice and hospital settings. Additionally, I have been a program trainer and a high school teacher.  My professional experience within psychology has provided me with unique tools of insight and understanding, which I bring to problem solving in today’s workplace.

In addition to my M.Ed. degree I recently graduated with a M.A. in East-West Psychology.  Concurrently, I was working as a project manager in the production of conferences and workshops with various organizations in the field of conscious development.

I can think in 2-D, 3-D on the fly, and beyond the box.

My greatest strengths include the ability to listen and problem solve; to think in the abstract and with concrete practicality; to conceptualize as well as communicate concepts to others. I also guide and make refinements to a team effort, and manage a project to on-time completion, sweating the details, but never losing the big picture.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, a sense of humor, and an ever-expanding quest for knowledge and self-awareness.

Work experience

Work experience
2013 - Present

Human Capital Performance Consultant & Well-Being Counseling

2011 - 2013

Full-time East-West Psychology Graduate Student

California Institute of Integral Studies

The East-West Psychology is a multidisciplinary program concerned with the meeting of Eastern, Western, and indigenous psychological and spiritual traditions.  Through its unique combination of cognitive and experiential offerings, the program seeks to ground academic excellence and the acquisition of professional skills in both the personal transformation and the cultivation of a psycho-spiritually informed scholarship.

Jan 2012 - Oct 2012

Project Coordinator and Researcher

Neti Neti Media - Nonduality and Science Conference

Project coordinator and researcher for the annual 6-day Science and Nonduality Conference.  This conference creates a unique forum to bring preeminent thinkers from various fields of science into dialogue with spiritual teachers and practitioners, and members of the public seeking answers to the big questions in life, with the goal of contributing to healing the rift between science and spirituality.  The conference supports the emergence of a new kind of spirituality, one not entrenched in dogmatism, but which is responsive to the latest findings in physics, biology, neuroscience, psychology, and ecology.

2011 - 2012

Project Manager - Being Human 2012 Symposium

The Baumann Foundation

On Saturday, March 24, 2012 - we welcomed a thousand people to San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts for the first-ever Being Human event. Part of its description is " insights from science and philosophy shed new light on the processes of human experience – the how of feeling, thinking, and believing – and invite us to redefine who we are as human beings."

Leading experts from their respective fields spoke at this symposium from a broad range of disciplines – behavioral economics, cognitive neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, social anthropology, philosophy – that promise to overthrow long-held biases and stories about what it means to be human.

I was the project manager whose role and responsibilities were involved in all aspects of the production of this event in one way or another.  These include: venue, logistics, registration, vendors, presenters, strategy, volunteers, merchandise, media, video, stage design, and more.

2007 - 2010

Independent Consultant - Emerson Ready Staff

Emerson Human Capital Consulting

Instructional Designer

Projects include the Gap Brand District Manager On-Boarding Initiative

Initiative objectives:  1. Enable new district managers to swiftly achieve competence in their role.  2. Integrate both external and internal hires into Gap.  3. Address priority competency gaps in current district manager population.  4. Gain leadership alignment and consistency in the brand operating model.

Courses I developed include:  • Work Environment and Risk Management. • Handling Investigations Workshop. • Compensation and Benefits. • Learning and Development. • Performance Management Processes. • Building Partnerships. • Developing Teams. • New Leader Integration. • Understanding District Culture. • Interviewing and Selection. • Recruiting. • Labor Management. • Loss Prevention Fundamentals.

*I was also the studio voice-over for the Problem Solving: Root Cause Analysis eLearning course.

2004 - 2006

Project Manager & Client Portfolio Director

Emerson Human Capital Consulting

Instructional, Organizational, & Leadership Development – Change, Project, & Program Management

Projects include working with:

  • Gap Inc., Headquarters in San Francisco & San Bruno, CA within the various Gap Inc. retail brands [Gap, Old Navy, & Banana Republic]. 
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility Depart (SMUD)


Program and Project Manager

  • Managed the $1M “Ready, Set, Go!” training & development project for Gap Inc’s Old Navy brand.
    • Led a Training & Development (T&D) team in assessing, developing, and implementing the training needs within each functional area of Old Navy’s headquarters and store operations.
    • As a result, all roles from Associate to Manager within each functional area of Old Navy possess the streamlined processes and procedures to work interdependently and conduct individual learning more successfully.

Organizational Change Project Manager

  • Led the LMS (Learning Management System) change management impact analysis and implementation strategy plan for Gap Inc..
  • The strategy process included engaging w/ Stakeholders and SMEs in gathering and implementing all the international and cross-divisions needs and efforts in order to implement a worldwide, fully functional LMS for Gap Inc..

Client Portfolio Director

  • Managed the ongoing and overall status of Emerson Human Capital's multiple projects within Gap, Inc.. This entailed driving the process for deciding which projects to execute, and when, and what resources to assign to each project, mentoring each project manager with their respective projects, and ensuring that clients for each project were satisfied.

Quality Assurance Consultant

  • Interviewed, assessed, and documented findings for an on-going Sacramento Municipal Utility Depart (SMUD) document management system implementation initiative.  Myself and 2 other EHC consultants assisted the SMUD project team in addressing obstacles to an on-time, on-budget, user accepted implementation by reviewing w/ them their success metrics, risks, right process, and controls.  This QA process was repeated at various checkpoints during the initiative.
2002 - 2004

Project Manager & Instructional Designer -

AllState - Independent Consultant


Project Manager

  • Managed the Sales Rep Toolbox project for Allstate Insurance.
    • Oversaw and directed a T&D team consisting of 20 individuals from various consulting vendors as well as Allstate employees.
    • Project team was tasked with providing Allstate’s independent sales representatives with suggestive tools and techniques, which included “how-to’s” for improving soft skills,  day-to-day business processes, and crafting bottom-line driven results.

Instructional Designer

  • Designed, developed, & implemented various Self, Instructor, & Expert Led courses for various departments within Allstate's headquarters and call center. Used RoboHelp eLearning tools to develop some of the eLearning courses.
1997 - 2002

Organizational & Human Performance Consultant


Consultation projects include working with fortune 500 companies such as:  Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems, Applied Materials, Gateway, Amoco, Deluxe, Blue Cross Blue Shield, BASF, and Avanade.


Organizational Design & Development tasks performed include:

  • Creating organizational design & development workplans
  • Creating new organizational structures including defining each of the functional areas
  • Working with both the IT departments and various business organizations worldwide in rolling out simplified, single, and global processes which software system application tools will support. 
  • Process Analysis – working with clients in their respective departments to determine their business processes and mapping them to new roles
  • Designing & developing standard, global methodologies
  • Determining # of FTE roles and levels for the run operations
  • Drafting the location selection framework for new organization
  • Developing detail role descriptions for all the various positions
  • Coordinating with various functional team leads to determine skill sets and training needs
  • Developing a staffing strategy and staffing matrix

Instructional Design & Development tasks performed include:

  • Creating instructional design & development workplans
  • Designing, developing, and conducting the training for the clients’ users
  • Conducting pilot sessions to assess training design effectiveness and incorporate feedback to strengthen overall design
  • Conducting subject matter expert interviews to gather client-specific training content
  • Implementing and analyzing the regression impacts resulting from the latest configuration to the existing companies live on system applications software
  • Designing and developing online procedure tools
  • Conducting system testing and UAT (User Acceptance Test) for new applications’ databases
  • Data convergence.  Determining/investigating data, which filtered from other databases into, newly built database application and then developed a web page training/resource page for end-users.
1985 - 1997


Diversified 11-year educational and psychological development background:

  • Private Practice, Psychotherapist, Cleveland, Ohio & Chicago, Illinois
  • Independent Contractor/Psychotherapist, Saint Vincent Charity Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Kevin Coleman Mental Health Center, Graduate Intern, Psychotherapist, Ravenna, Ohio
  • Kent State University Newman Center, Counselor, Kent, Ohio
  • Christian Life Retreat Center/Operations Director, Euclid, Ohio
  • Cleveland Catholic Diocesan High Schools, Instructor, Cleveland, Ohio


Individual & Organizational Psychology:

  1. Counseled, assessed, and diagnosed clients with diverse psychological stressors and/or disorders at St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio and within a private practice; Moore & Associates.
  2. Administered psychosocial family assessments and assisted with emergency/crisis hospital prescreening at KCC Mental Health Center. Conducted treatment plans and goal setting with clients.
  3. Performed discharge planning with psychiatric patients at Robinson Memorial Hospital.
  4. Composed and facilitated therapeutic/educational groups at St. Vincent Charity Hospital on a weekly basis for patients dealing with issues pertaining to cardiac impairment and weight management. Also organized and guided therapeutic groups within the private practice setting pertaining to various topics and issues.
  5. Counseled Kent State University students at the on-campus Newman College Center.  Also, developed and conducted programs, workshops, & retreats.

Program Development/Management:

  1. Produced and presented 10 one-hour weekly workshop sessions on stress management for 40 employees of the Cleveland Justice Center and for 25 EveryReady Corp. employees in Westlake, Ohio.
  2. Developed and conducted 12 one-hour weekly workshop sessions on smoking cessation for 20 employees of the City of Berea Policy Department and for 25 employees of Fashion Wallcovering in Cleveland, Ohio.
  3. Oversaw and planned a four-day Andersen Worldwide Practice Management meeting consisting of over 300 partners and managers. Researched and interviewed outside speaker candidates. Managed a budget of more than $400,000. Initiated and negotiated contracts with five outside vendors.
  4. Coordinated Andersen Worldwide SC's annual event held at Six Flags amusement park, which included over 17,000 employees and their family members. Managed six internal staff members and two external consultants. Assisted in creating an Access software database used for such purposes as tracking of employees, ticket distributions, and budget costs.

Staff Training/Development:

  1. Recruited, hired, and trained paraprofessionals to work with patients, psychotherapists, and medical staff at St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. Assembled and conducted staff development programs using such psychological personality assessment tools as the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator for 30 employees at Reality One Corp.
  3. Produced and presented two-hour workshop on smoking cessation for 30 medical physicians at Meridia Hospital in Warrensville Heights, Ohio.
  4. Conducted five one-hour Group Leadership Training sessions for medical staff persons at the MedCenter in Independence, Ohio.


  1. Performed extensive work cultivating referrals from corporations, institutions, physicians, and lawyers throughout the community.
  2. Completed community education through creating and conducting seminars.
  3. Designed, wrote, and produced brochures, manuals, and newsletters.

Professional Speaking Presentations:

  • Andersen Consulting, Chicago – “Individual Personality Profiles and Team Dynamics”
  • St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio - "Corporate Women; the Paradox of Balance" - Psychiatric Grand Rounds
  • United States Coast Guard, Cleveland, Ohio - "Smokers' Psychological Profiles"
  • Anesthesiologist Nurses Association of Cleveland, Ohio - "Stress and Our Careers"
  • Headstart Association, Cleveland, Ohio - "Teachers, Stress, and Wellness"





 Level I & II Practitioner, iRest Yoga Nidra

Richard Miller, Ph.D. - Integrative Restoration Institute iRest® Yoga Nidra is an evidence based ancient transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that releases negative emotions and thought patterns, calms the nervous system, and develops an inner sanctuary of well-being and equanimity that underlies all circumstance you may encounter in your life. Research has shown iRest effectively reduces PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and chemical dependency, as well as increases well-being. It is an adjunctive treatment that has been integrated into veteran settings, homeless shelters, clinics, and healing and meditation centers, where healthcare professionals are integrating iRest to facilitate their own and their clients’ healing and wellbeing. iRest essentially teaches you how to live a contented life, free of conflict, anxiety, fear and suffering by opening your mind and body to their inherent ground of health and wholeness.