To obtain online assignments where I can utilize my teaching and writing skills, educational background and experience to make a positive contribution to society.


Thank you for considering my application. I have been a Registered Nurse and teacher for 25 years, a published author of numerous books and a freelance writer for over ten years, I I specialize mainly in articles and e-books although I have experience writing almost anything. To date I have written over 10 e-books and hundreds of articles on a variety of diverse subjects. Some of my e-books are available from the Kindle e-bookstore under my name and can be borrowed from their library.

My teaching career is diverse. It ranges from teaching in a classroom to leading seminars, workshops and being a guest speaker. I have taught from the very young to seniors.

Comments from previous employers regarding my work include: “dependable,” “talented,” “willing to go above and beyond what is asked of her,” and “always ready to take on extra work.” I’m sure you will have similar comments should I be awarded this position.

My application is based on the requirements you have listed. I guarantee quality work with the utmost professionalism.

Thank you very much again for your consideration and I truly look forward to working with you if I am your choice of service provider.

Work experience

Work experience

Registered Nurse/

The Academy Of Energy Medicine

Llyn Wren was born in Dryden, Ontario, Canada and was raised in the Sioux Lookout/Hudson Ontario area.

  • Graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1969 and began her career in the Intensive Care – Cardiac Monitoring Unit in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  • Held positions as a Head Nurse, Nurse Educator, Health Liaison Coordinator, Director of a Home Care Program, Administrator of an Early Head Start Program and Community Health Nurse to Medically Fragile Children.
  • Left the hospital setting and established an independent practice where she produces educational seminars and provides counseling and teaching services.
  • Through these programs thousands of individuals have learned and put into practice their ability to make healthy choices to create the life they desire.
  • Loves to write and has produced numerous papers on alternative health issues as well as children’s books that teach children the importance of self-love and positive attitudes. Her children’s song. It’s Great Being Me, was recorded by Fred Penner on his album, What A Day!
  • Has published other children’s books and poetry. One of her poems, Something New, teaches children the importance of not giving up.
  • Experience with children with disabilities has led her to begin to write a nonfiction workbook, Looking Outside The Box, for health professionals and families who work with these children.
  • Twice Victorious, her children’s story that was published in the magazine Friends, in January, 2003, is based on the life of one of these children.
  • Creative fiction novel, A Passage In Time, was published in February, 2004.
  • How To Achieve A Fuller Life published in 2006 assists adults to move forward with their lives using this workbook.
  • Miracles Of Hope And Promise published in 2008 is a collection of events written down over time. Each story tells of a fascinating occurence in a person's life that, if it had been orchestrated, would never have happened.


The Academy Of Energy Medicine
Meet Llyn Wren Registered Nurse - Master Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner - Teacher - Author - Speaker - Lifestyle Coach
  • I have authored four adult books, several articles, including lyrics to the children’s song, It’s Great Being Me! for world renowned Fred Penner. My children’s story books inspire kids to believe in themselves in a fun and loving manner.
  • As a writer, I continue to develop, publish and distribute innovative related educational material for adults and children.
  • With the use of the Internet I am able to be in contact with clients, write my articles and teach others to do the same.  My contact information is included within this resume.
  • I’m an experienced Registered Nurse, Master Energy Practitioner and published author. I specialize in adult & children’s issues. 
  • I am a Community Health Nurse to Medically Fragile Children within the school system.
  • With more than 30 years experience in the medical field, I also have real-world know-how as both a Registered Nurse and Energy Medicine Practitioner. I have utilized these modalities on an ongoing basis.
  • I am a child advocate. I assist children of all ages to build positive self-esteem and to believe in themselves through inspiring story books and alternative health treatments.
  • I was the Administrator of an Early Head Start Program in northern Florida where I developed and implemented three programs from conception to completion.
  • I was a school nurse in southern Arizona.
  • I was the Senior Health Coordinator to the First Nations Confederacy where I dealt with children on a daily basis.
Nov 1985 - Present

Registered Nurse/Teacher/Published Author/Teacher

The Academy Of Energy Medicine



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