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I am currently seeking regional senior marketing and business positions covering Asia Pacific and Japan. Having acquired over 17 years of working experience, my career history encompasses areas in Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Operations and Technology management with companies in IT/Technology, Multimedia, Telecommunications and the Internet.

Key Marketing Competencies – “PACS”

  1. Programs – Developed programs with business units realized into marketing demand generation campaigns addressing the key business objectives forming a strategic framework as a basis towards meeting quantifiable targets.  Provided governance, guidance to and gained alignment with region and country teams on program elements like value propositions, messaging architecture, customer/market adoption cycles and market insights from various market and competitor research studies. Investment dollars are within my purview which is managed against each of the programs depending on the weighting based on market share objectives, competitors, marketing problems, value propositions, trends, etc factors.   Interlocked both with regional and country teams, these plans dove-tail into a program marketing execution plan addressing the best tactics to achieve them. 
  1. Analytics – Profiling by identifying sweet spots that sieves out the 20% prime target that brings 80% revenue is a key strategic practice.Through syndicated and primary research and aligning with business objectives, factual judgments are derived on the go to market plan accordingly.  In addition, I am participant to other research studies that include ACPP and 6Cs which provide further customer and market insights respectively to render a more constructive perspective in campaigns towards framing the marketing issues and strategic approach more aptly. Finally, sizing the market opportunity and pin pointing exactly the truly addressable market we should go after for eg looking at the selected targeted market and determine which accounts would posses the highest likelihood of generating opportunity (for eg targeting color printer conversions might have a higher tipping point from those who are currently mono printer users who have owned them for say 5 years ago).
  1. Communications (360) – The deployment of integrated marketing communication strategies aligning with the relevant ATL/BTL mix and online/offline techniques to meet business goals.  My repertoire has extensive interactive marketing experience covering the web, optimization, content syndication and management, search engine, email, pay per click and contextual advertising. At the same time I have also extended my repertoire towards the Web 2.0 compliant set of community avenues influencing various audiences from social media aspects and deploying relevant applications and services that connects a compelling repeated user pattern.
  1. Systems – In the spirit of marketing accountability, I drive tracking, optimization and reporting for each program accordingly.  This is part of ROMI (return on marketing investment) to allow programs realized in a quantifiable and results oriented way.  Optimization is set in motion to improve the program results.  My experience comprises of seeing through the entire marketing process and to ensure support robustness of the infrastructure.The entire continuum starts from lead generation, identifying what are the leads acquired, how do we rank them into priority sets and how and where do we route them ie which ones goes to direct sales now as opposed to others for nurturing or to channel partners.  Management, governance and guidance of e-marketing toolsets are under my purview.The toolsets I managed include Epiphany, Siebel Call Centre/Analytics, In house and vendor based email tools (for eg DART Mail), Web advertising tools (DART), SFA (sales force), omniture amongst others.

Work experience

Oct 2006Dec 2007

APJ Market Manager - Commercial/Enterprise Markets

Hewlett Packard

Scope of Work

(Market Manager, APJ – Commercial/Enterprise)

Market and Program Communications Management

a.A key charter of this role is to deliver a strategic approach to marketing, planning and delivery to achieve relevant business objectives, increase customer satisfaction and improve our marketing effectiveness and results.

b.Provide both governance and guidance to region and country teams on the strategic marketing framework that will help drive impactful demand generation programs basis in rationalizing fact based factors like market insights, competitive landscape, category traction, seasonality, etc.

c.Rationalize APJ marketing investments by ranking priorities aligning to building growth initiatives, category leadership building, competitor activities and supporting in-country run rate business.My marketing portfolio commands managing an 8-digit budget.

d.I manage APJ wide demand generation programs with country flavor accordingly towards meeting or exceeding ROMI (return on marketing investment) goals set quarterly.At the same time, governance is given to in-country teams in regard to the program framework with clear streamlined value propositions and messaging architecture together with alignment of targets ownership sign-offs.Mid-stream fine tuning on alternative approaches and contingencies are set in pace to ensure targets are maximized.

e.Charter best practices for demand generation programs (online/offline) for APJ geography in redefining marketing with accountability and contribution to business bottom line.This involves rigorous country interlocks to incorporate programs that bring about deterministic returns.

f.The route to market plan incorporates a comprehensive channels/partners ecosystem involving strategic development on the sell to, sell though/sell with aspects together with identifying symbiotic partners that provides varying customer proposition towards maximizing sell out end objectives.

g.Agency management, interlocks and coaching to ensure alignment with marketing objectives and in meeting results.Incorporated within agency management are also mid stream reviews and optimization and synchronization of a 360 marketing mix in delivering a single consistent message and voice (one voice) to the market place.

Areas of Effectiveness

a.Marketing transformation best practices – I am instrumental in providing impetus towards implementing new marketing process, structure and best practices injected to the marketing culture supporting management to transform towards a strategy directed market management perspective aligned with measurable bottom line objectives leading to executing a more effective program plan.

b.Drive quarter on quarter aggressive marketing program pipeline managing an 8-digit budget towards creating business impact rationalized to move IPG’s (imaging and printing group) business indicator needle to focus in growing faster than the market besides achieving a number 1 position for the category.

c.Directed end to end top line programs for multi-function and color solutions, which are key emerging categories covering key APJ countries with key revenue lead goal focus.

d.Co-created marketing framework to guide countries in strategy conversations and directions by focusing on addressing marketing problems with strategic guidance on progressive funneling towards close loop marketing. This includes assisting the countries in contextualizing the value propositions and the sequence of demand generation program activities along an integrated program contact strategy.

e.Provided leadership and handholding guidance to each country in designing their program and metric parameters and helping them to rationalize towards meeting metric deliverables and desired outcomes.

f.Act as a marketing subject matter expert in providing marketing consultancy on all aspects of demand generation and opportunity development and serve as primary day-to-day interface with vendors and internal teams.

g.Successfully guided the agency teams and country teams in adopting a program framework towards maximizing program results.

h.Over exceeded marketing targets and attained a good marketing scorecard for FY07 towards making business impact (moving the needle from previous baseline goals) driving close loop marketing working with channels via sales teams.

i.Instrumental in leading HP Imaging and Printing Group’s big idea IPG 2.0 campaign which is a launch moving from printers to printing and print 2.0, a new positioning to transform businesses in re-purposing the benefit and value added services and applications that will help companies tap on an unfair advantage in the context of a more resilient ecosystem architecture.It incorporates a heavy emphasis on Web 2.0 online and interactive elements.

Jul 2005Jun 2006

Manager, Service Bureau

Cisco Systems INC (USA)

Scope of Work

(Manager, central marketing - APAC/ANZ)

Marketing agency consultation and execution bureau services

Covering the APAC region, I am the Marketing bureau lead (end-to-end) providing

marketing consultancy and deployment of APAC/ANZ demand generation campaigns.

This includes enabling lead acquisitions, e-marketing funneling, lead routing, database

selection identifying the target segmentation and analytics, criteria to drive better

marketing effectiveness and results.

Areas of Effectiveness

a.Supported Cisco’s landmark synchronized marketing launch of Cisco Catalyst Express 500 and Business Communications Solutions spanning across APAC wide. This integrated launch commanded the impact of about 25% of market awareness of the target segment addressed.This is a corporate drive initiative with John Chambers kicking it off.

b.Participated in facilitating Partner marketing programs for ANZ to drive at least 10% of incremental registered partners for Q3/06.

c.Instrumental in driving weekly Technology Seminars spanning most states in ANZ and providing marketing support to reach out to an extensive technology base driving at least 50% of sign ups for the seminars.This includes marketing to partners on a suite of technology solutions.

d.Launched a new series of APAC-wide new IPC suite of solutions which is a multi-phased campaign spanning from awareness to demand generation with the initial goal of driving 20% top of mind awareness before phasing in for further nurturing.

e.Instrumental in providing countries campaign execution guidance and establishing an end to end process with available infrastructure to allow tracking of results.

f.As an APAC lead, my charter is also to drive best practices for the region, to further augment the marketing leadership coming from the APAC theatre.

Apr 2002Jul 2005

Marketing Manager

IBM Singapore

Scope of Work

(Program Manager/Marketing Manager: Marketing Coverage - ASEAN/SA)

Integrated Program Management (1st position upon joining)

As a program manager, I managed special demand generation projects, technology services programs and an interactive lead. I provide advisory from a customer, market and communications perspective.They include aligning with country teams in articulating their plans clearly before deployment.They include aligning key value propositions and messaging framework from WW and work with country teams to localize in their market.Establishing investments and targets goals against activities and tactics employed.Finally, establish the feasibility of meeting targets and to set in contingencies to ensure clear determinants of meeting objectives.On an on-going basis, program optimizations, tracking and reporting are followed up.

I provide guidance to programs on how best to incorporate e-marketing strategies to drive top line business objectives.This involves the components of email, web (IBM.COM and 3rd party sites), content, telemarketing and database profiling.Regular teleconferences with each ASEAN countries and world wide are conducted to track e-marketing program success, sharing of best practices and to organized any new synchronized e-marketing campaign region wide.

Marketing Management (2nd position as a result of an internal transfer)

Managing an ASEAN portfolio, I provide the pivotal guidance to the in-country marketing managers for marketing deployment, budgeting, setting of lead goals and demand generation activities.From the ASEAN platform, I drive the IBM services marketing in collaboration with software and solutions to identify the go to market focus and preferred routes.This includes partner marketing in support of sell to and sell through marketing programs.

Areas of Effectiveness

a.      Competitive Attack program – As the co-lead championing competitive marketing (online/offline) programs, these were cross brand focused with a staggered strategy to address competitors’ strengths and weakness periodically.  ASEAN was able to rise to the occasion topping the Jan 05 pipeline validated leads in Asia Pacific.This follows with ASEAN being awarded the best practice region.

b.      Marketing Program Plans Review – I chair this council to review demand generation program plans across all product categories and services both for ASEAN and country led programs.Together with the council team, stringent criteria are placed to evaluate the key fundamentals and soundness of program plans before they are being passed for program execution with agencies.

c.      Co-partner marketing – Championed the co-partner marketing event with Philips to showcase RFID solutions in the RFID Asia exhibition.Following I championed the committee in delivering co-marketing initiatives for IBM-Philips to leverage on collaborative go to market plans.This event alone has spun off opportunities leverage from the IBM-Philips partnership.

d.      Business Technology Symposium – I was one of the co-leads instrumental in providing the framework of the symposium.Spanning across ASEAN wide, solutions which span from Tivoli security software to integrated solutions and services.This is a main event that pans out to other follow-on nurturing marketing activities.This includes co-marketing with partners.

e.      On Demand Business – Supported world wide branding campaign for ASEAN.Drove awareness and incorporated the focus into demand generation programs to command a leadership position in providing a halo effect for future demand generation programs to garner better traction improving preference to purchase outcomes.

f.        SMB Express Program (SMB Ecosystem) – Deployed along a time-sequenced relationship marketing manner with acquisition, penetration and retention activities, this program I supported won the best practice award.

I provided consultancy and guidance on marketing programs from the business, strategy to tactical (marcoms) implementation and deployment at an ASEAN level.These cover all marketing (offline/online) program initiatives including event/seminar management.

Aug 1999Jan 2002

Director, Sales and Content Support Services

Lycos Asia (a SingTel company)

Scope of Work

(Director: Digital Marketing Coverage - Asia Pacific)This was a posting from SingTel Multimedia originally.

Regional Market Development

As a senior staff, my initial contributions cover campaign marketing, business development and technology management.In addition, I carry other executive responsibilities to help strengthen the company's business positioning, improving profitability and to increase traction for channel sales network.

Areas of Effectiveness

In short, my corporate achievements broadly include the following:

a.Co-brand Partnerships

Established and negotiated with co-brand partners in providing content and applications to Lycos.

b.Campaign Marketing

Oversee and manage all online marketing demand generation campaigns for clients in APAC.This also involves multi-channel marketing reach by integrating web and email marketing mix for campaigns to capture users from different exposure entry points.Clients include HPQ, Cannon, SingTel amongst others.Achieved 100% deployment success in meeting clients’ objectives.

c.Establishment of Media Operations Infrastructure

This covers the APAC ad operations infrastructure.Working with an industry vendor, DART in implementing the entire suite of robust advertising media solutions to increase new revenue opportunities and to provide a leading edge marketing solution to meet customer requirements.Achieved 100% operational campaign support and deployment success each time.

d.Developing Sales Channel Networks Regionally

Established and negotiated with media network representatives in APAC as part of the channel partner program.Successfully negotiated and signed up with 24/7 Meida and DoubleClick Media which command a big proportion of the market reach.

e.Providing country guidance

Provided training and guidance on e-marketing deployment, advertising system capabilities, established new ways to increase ad revenue, evaluated in-country clients’ programs and assisted them on program proposals.

Apr 1997Aug 1999

Assistant General Manager

SingTel Ltd

Scope of Work

(AGM: Business Development)

Business and Market Development

I spearheaded the development of the Magix service spanning from software content

negotiations to creation of business service plan.At the same time, I work with software

application providers to enhance the user experience and functionalities. My

responsibilities also include managing VARs for SingNet.

Areas of Effectiveness

a.Sales and Marketing Programs - I initiated several en-bloc deployment programs with the Education authorities (MOE) and NCB (now known as IDA) accounting for almost 100% ADSL penetration in Singapore government schools.Another instance is the mass subscription service in Temasek Polytechnic. All these contributed to about 15% of the total subscriber base then.These involved extensive end-to-end marketing efforts covering the product packaging, price structures, promotional aspects and post-sale customer support and care.

b.Sales Channels Management - I managed channel sales through the value-added reseller (VAR) programs that included Internet Service Resellers, Magix-LAN Resellers and Internet Lease Line Resellers for the corporate markets.

c.Software Content and Applications Acquisition and Development – I successfully engaged software content publishers from the UK, US and Australia and negotiated the contract to bring them onto the Magix.

d.Software Partners Collaboration – I was one of the team members who were instrumental in the strategic partnership between SingTel and Lotus for the development of an educational collaborative tool.

Apr 1991Apr 1997

Assistant Vice President

Sky Media

Scope of Work and Areas of Effectiveness

(AVP: Business Development)

Corporate Business:

I maintained a diverse portfolio in multimedia and marketing communications projects.I was account manager for corporate clients in the FSI, Retail Government and IT sectors.My portfolio consists of works of the following nature:

a.Marketing communications programs

b.Interactive multimedia kiosks

c.2D/3D broadcast quality animation (Alias Wavefront)/Broadcast corporate and promotional videos

d.Print communications

e.Events, exhibitions and special effects

Sales and Marketing Programs:

I pioneered the development of a highly successful marketing program, the Sky Tutor

Program.This involved:

a.Co-lead in the development of new business unit.

b.Channel partners program marketing.

c.Strategic planning and execution of business to institutions

My contributions were approximately valued under S$6M in a short span of time.

Operations and Production Skills

I have diverse operational exposure in design, production and project management skills on print, video and multimedia for digital publishing.


Jan 1986Mar 1989