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I am an Infrastructure Architect who focusses on relating IT problems to business initiatives - solving for the business problems with proper implementation of technology. During the course of the last 10 years, I have primarily focused on getting a handle of a large variety of technologies and then learning how to relate them to high level executives so they can make good technological decisions.

I have a solid background in Business Critical Applications (SAP, Oracle, SQL, VDI, etc) and multi-datacenter, high-availability deployments. 

Personally I am highly interested in how technology has invaded our day-to-day lives and effected our personal relationships. I am currently researching the effects of smartphone usage in relationships (friendships, partnerships, strangers, colleagues, etc).

My blog ( has been re-tasked as my CV page while I re-build my online presence to focus more on life and the proper implementation of technology.

Work experience

Sr. Systems Engineer


Work with State, Local and Education customers to properly identify pain points in architecture and workflows in their data centers, then map products and feature-sets to solve customer problems. This includes tying hardware and software solutions to key business performance indicators to help upper level management make appropriate decisions.

I have spent a large amount of time architecting large Business Critical Applications to meet Performance, High Availability and Resilience requirements for the customer. As well as designing holistic environments for small and mid-size customers, scalable VDI deployments, and many other types of applications.

I am the SME in DevOps and vBCA (Virtual Business Critical Applications) for my team.

Infrastructure Architect


Manage ESXi infrastructure running on Nutanix. Maintain large number of VMs running various forms of Ubuntu Linux, Windows Server 2008R2 & 2012R2 across multiple data centers.. Implement proper backups and automated testing

A large majority of my time was spent researching and developing new ways to deploy our infrastructure to our customers.

Consulting Architect & Owner

WhiskyKilo Consulting LLC

Small business IT outsourcing and management including networking, servers, and desktops.

5 Years of technology blogging (since removed from publication, since out of date), focussing on day to day IT issues.

Consulting on CI/CD Pipelines, DevOps, Multi-Cloud architecture, Docker and Containerization, Infrastructure Optimization and Web Design.

Desktop Engineer

Baycare HomeCare

Tier Two customer support for in house applications and end user computing. Deployed Multicast imaging solution for 100's of end user devices saving dozens of hours per month in computer imaging. 


Infrastructure Design
Web design
Scripting and Automation
Technical Writing & Documentation