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A product developer, data science and platform engineer with 11+ years of experience in Telecom, financial products, CMS and identity management background with a proven ability to develop, build and deploy data science products and platform on terabyte scale.

Technology Highlights:

  • Java,J2EE, Scala with data products development and DataAnalytics.
  • Architected  a full scale data analytics platform for Telcos and implemented data pipelines to handle tera bytes of data in realtime and batch processing ingestion.
  • Created a realtime Stream Analysis( Spark Streaming, Kafka) Engine, to process millions of events per second in realtime, to determine anomalies.
  • Implemented Solr Search engine on AWS cloud with autoscaling .Created a News recommendations system with the concepts of online LDA model. (Probabilistic Topic Modelling and Real time Topic inferencing).
  • Managed hadoop clusters of various distributions like Cloudera and MapR
  • Performance Tuning, data Modeling, capacity-Planning and Partitioning on Oracle. Architected multi-tenancy postgres cluster with synchronous replication and Failover.
  • Worked on various Graph-Databases: DEX, Neo4J, iGraph, Graph Traversal Algorithms.
  • Created a deep Learning Architecture for image processing using cuDNN and Caffe with CUDA GPUs from NVIDIA.
  • Created a service resilient architecture Micro Services with Docker, played a instrumental role in building Open APIs to expose data as a service on Open Platforms.
  • Created real time metrics product of spark using graffana, graphite and Apache Spark.
  • Created Benchmarks for fast data analytics with various in-memory databases and grids.

Industry Highlights:

  • Served as the member of Smart City Industry Round table Conference, IDA Singapore in Real time Streaming Analysis from Sensory devices , networks and other datasources.
  • Created and Implemented a real time analysis of the data from WiFi access points in train stations, based on the telco network monitoring Mass Rapid Transport System (MRT) to predict key KPIs about trains and crowdedness.
  • Implemented Geo Spatial Analytics solutions across various Telcos.
  • Designed and Architected platform for Data As a Service (DAAS), API as a Service with security aspects of OAuth2.
  • Created and implemented Cloud ready solutions compatible for AWS, Google Cloud.






Electronics and Communications 



80 Node Hadoop Cluster with Kerberos Security.

Virtualisation through Docker and service resiliency through NetflixOSS ( Zuul , Eureka and Hystrix ).

AWS cloud Services.

Ansible, Mesosphere, Single Click Cloud deployments.


Core Java , Scala, Python , J2EE,  Spring, WebServices, Hibernate.

Machine Learning

Support Vector Machines.

Singular value Decomposition (SVD).

Logistic Regression.

Bayesian Networks.

Graph Traversal Algorithms.

Agent Simulation on Networks.

Deep Learning

Applied Recurrent Neural Nets for the Real time analysis.

Used RBM as a part of unsupervised learning.

Implemented Word2Vector for text analysis and Topic Modelling.


Oracle , MySQL, Postgres Multi-Tenancy.

Streaming Analysis

Spark Streaming for all Real-Time Jobs.

Objects State Machine in Redis

Time Spatial Stream fusion.

Apache Spark

Created a ETL framework on Spark.

Spark ML.

Spark Metrics Instrumentation Using Graffana and Graphite.

Spark on Mesos and Ec2.

Big Data Analytics and Hadoop

Hadoop BigTop.

Created a Docker based Hadoop EcoSystem Distribution.


Titan Graph DB, DEX.

SOLR and Lucene

Real time Indexing Pipelines on SOLR.

UIMA Integration with Analytic Engines on SOLR.

Image Search using LIRE ( MPEG-7)

Text Analysis, and recommendation engines on SOLR.

NLP using Mallet.

Work experience


Principal Engineer

ThinkBigAnalytics- A Teradata Company.

.Building a next generation Machine learning based Bigdata Platform for a banking client to maximize ROIs based on the hardware capacity and planning for maximum utilization.


Senior Data Engineer

Dataspark, SIngtel
  • MRT Traffic analysis using the Telco Data. Urban Planning  using Geo Analytics.
  • Implementation of City in Motion[Realtime Grid] from the Telco Data from Geo Spatial Analysis.
  • Implementation of Geo Analytics Platform on the scale of Terabytes Telecommunication Systems and ISPs.
  • Created a Custom ETL framework on Apache Spark. Created a SQL like engine using Presto on various hadoop components.
  • Adoption of Kafka to all enterprise datasources.
  • DataMining on Solr and Lucene using NLP techniques for different types of content. Built custom annotators for various field Types during indexing pipelines.
  • GeoSpatial Search using Solr and JTS.
  • Architected a fully aware MicroService based data platform at scale using docker.
  • Implemented open-source Postgres multi tenant cluster with 100 TB of data

Data Scientist

  • Created a News Recommendation System for a News aggregator 
  • Implementation of Image Search using Lucene Image Retrieval and Extraction(LIRE). Worked on the Support for MPEG-7 formats for the ecommerce Image Search.
  • Implemented the Solr Image Search and full text Search using NLP techniques and metadata-curation and extraction.
  • Unstructured Information Management Architecture(UIMA-AS streaming analysis): Real-time streaming Analysis of twitter News content, RSS feeds, Data Extraction through Crawling, fusion of RSS and twitter; do Named Entity Extraction(NER) using OpenNLP from the content. Usage of AS, Spring-XtremeData for the frameworks. Time Annotation based annotator using Heidel time.

BigData Lead

Barclays PLC(Optimum Solutions)
  • Graph processing of the network to do fraud detection.
  • Identity Data Management using a high-performance Graph Database called DEX.
  • Created frameworks forRealtime recertification of identity data of bank assets.
  • Data Modelling, Data Partitioning and capacity Planning on 10X TB data on Oracle.

Senior Software Engineer and Framework Specialist

StandardCharteredBank Optimum Solutions
  • Pioneer in building a Relationship Manager's Work bench.
  • The Relationship Manager's Workbench is a one-stop shop for all the activities performed by the RMs in the bank say account opening, client-on boarding, Bookings, Credit and Limit allocations, Risk and credit Pricing etc.,
  • A one stop for the Clients View and Performance graphs of the Clients, which helps in analyzing the success rates of the RM with respect to the Clients.
  • It also contains Social Networking, where the RM's can interact socially and share the deal information with their associates.
  • Implementation of Micro Strategy Business Analytics with various KPIs and Dashboards.

Advanced Software Engineer

OpenText Corporation
  • Project I: Open Text Social Communities (OTSC)/CRM
    OTSC is known as Enterprise-Social. I am a Scrum team Member involved in the design-phases of the Product.
  • It is aimed at creating a Enterprise-Social CRM by leveraging the site-creation capabilities of the Portal and the Remote Objects capability of Collaboration.
  • This provides the feasibility to integrate the business Models along with the workflows.
  • Project II: Vignette Community Applications(VCA)
     The Vignette Social MediaSolution makes it possible to enhance the Web presence and enable user-generated content with the integrated, enterprise product offerings.
  • It includes Web 2.0 features such as Walls, blogs, wikis, forums, ratings and tags.I worked on creating the web 2.0 Applications.

Senior Software Analyst

Franklin Templeton Investments

Senior Software Engineer

LaserSoft Info Systems(Polaris Company)

Courses and Certifications

Apr 2014Apr 2014

Cloudera Developer Training


Cloudera Hadoop developer.

Mar 2014Mar 2014

Computing for Data Analysis

John Hopkins University (Coursera)

Micro-Services & Docker

Recommendation Systems

Honors & Awards

  • Best Employee of the year in my team at Franklin Templeton
  • Received Appreciation Cheque for the Work I have done at OpenText.
  • Appreciation from manager for creating a graph database proof of concept for Master Data Management in Barclays.
  • Received Spot Awards for 6 times in DataSpark and Singtel for achieving critical milestones.


Available upon Request