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STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS: Employee Communications or Web 2.0 or Executive Communications or External Communications director or senior manager level 


Communications management leader experienced in building and nurturing organizations, mission-critical initiatives, and pioneering programs. Possess track record of success in both internal and external communication management and production, Information Technology, interactive digital media, news, and public affairs. Proven skills launching and maintaining campaigns focused on projects engaging key audiences, building consensus and partnerships, and reaching diverse target audiences. Expertise includes:

♦Skilled in producing communications outreach to educate and persuade target audiences based upon experience in both mainstream media and Web 2.0.

♦Perform research, development, production and launch of effective campaigns that reinforce an organization's reputation, mission and vision.

♦Utilize today's interactive media (blogging/social media tools) to reach, engage, and influence target audiences, but also experienced in CEO-level speechwriting and writing of talking points, op-eds, magazine articles, scripts and presentations using multimedia. Directing the work of online writers and editors.

♦Balance competing demands and blending various strategies and tactics to motivate audiences toward action.

Core Expertise:

♦ Internal & External Communications ♦ Web 2.0 ♦ Interactive Digital Media ♦ Cause Marketing (Social Marketing) ♦ Marketing Communications ♦ Business Development ♦ Brand Development ♦ Market Segment Penetration ♦ Public Relations ♦ Mainstream Media ♦ Campaign Conception & Development ♦ Team Development & Building

Work experience

US Marketing Strategies Associates – Santa Cruz, CA - 2010 – present


Provide consulting services to Silicon Valley strategic marketing firm to guide their start-up of online marketing services including client proposals for writing, producing, and hosting new websites and upgrading/repairing current sites.

University of Maryland University College – Adelphi, MD - 2005 – present

ADJUNCT FACULTY – Communication and Writing

Prepare and implement quality adult instruction and training to enhance business, public relations, and professional communication skills; provide interpersonal and written counsel to adults using web-based and university classroom education methods.

Booz Allen Hamilton – McLean, VA - 2008 – 2010


Consulted on technology and communications strategies to enable transparency and launch national corporate internet-based interactive service that would reach 20K+ employees, increase engagement, and initiate silo elimination. Led efforts designed to increase the use of employee microblogging (patterned on the successes of Twitter and Yammer); employee use of wikis and online discussion boards; and measured employee participation by tracking employee completion of online profiles that include resumes, accomplishments, key skills, languages spoken, etc. External communications accomplishments:

♦Implemented start-up of international DoD social marketing outreach campaign to reduce military service member stigma from wartime post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Directed the online editorial work of writers and editors.

♦Created interactive engagement platforms to improve behavioral health of US military service members and their families post Iraq and Afghanistan active duty.

♦Improved editorial strategies and tactics for print/online publications in health care program serving active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, retirees, families and survivors worldwide.

Summit Marketing / US Army – Alexandria, VA - 2006 – 2008


Spearheaded external communications, revitalized US Army headquarters national print and online advocacy journalism and influenced / enhanced public opinion of US Army during early years of Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Interacted with military officers and SES staff at Pentagon. Directed the print/online editorial work of writers and editors.

AARP – Washington, DC - 1995 – 2006


Covered diverse topics and launched large-scale, national social marketing of public health and social well-being initiatives to influence values and encourage better living conditions for all Americans. Provided editorial management of Spanish language content (print and online). Built consensus and cooperation to replace competing cultural tactics. Directed the print/online editorial work of writers and editors.

♦Served as chief blogger and executive speechwriter; coached/trained executives in national public speaking performance skills.

♦Led initiative to create community awareness and online reputation; improved street credibility particularly in interactive new media.

♦Created national web-based management initiative to enhance employee awareness and organizational message.

♦Supervised integrated communications staff producing print/online products.

♦Provided writing and editorial management services for a wide range of employee communications efforts.



Professional, expert-level technical skills in advanced text writing, graphic design, audio and video Web production using Adobe Creative Suite for Mac, 35mm digital photography, Flash video, iMovie HD, blogging software (Apple, Google, Microsoft, WordPress, others), wiki software (Confluence, ExpressionEngine, Mediawiki, others), content management systems (Expression Engine, Joomla, WordPress, others), social media software (Facebook, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, Xing, YouTube, others), online forum software (ExpressionEngine, phpBB, others), plus manual coding to optimize RSS, CSS, HTML, XML, PHP and MySQL databases.


Led Arizona statewide marketing and sales for a regional cable television corporation.  Represented management interests as employees entered into a unionization attempt following a downward trend in employee engagement and satisfaction. Turned around public image of cable television industry and elevated Arizona cable company reputation through community and public affair events, traditional media outreach, press releases, executive speech writing, and other communications materials. 


Delivered consistent and sustainable revenue gains, profit growth, and market share increases for six interconnected cable television systems with 33K subscribers in Boston media market and positioned / established the company as an excellent source for news and entertainment. Full budgetary responsibilities for a multimillion-dollar regional cable television operation during an era of high government regulation and employee unionization attempts.  General management responsibilities included quality control of a regional customer call center, evaluating and launching new products and services for customers and overall revenue generation. Directly responsible for a total staff of 85 persons, including five department heads. 


Created and executive produced daily half-hour local news series in the Boston media market for Continental Cablevision (now part of Comcast), including hiring of all reporters and videographers. Directed the editorial work of on-air television news writers and editors. Also have Los Angeles media market commercial radio broadcasting experience including on-air work, news programming and documentary programming writing and production. Intimately familiar with how today's commercial mainstream news media work from having worked inside for-profit news and documentary production businesses. 



Digital Media Public Relations & Outreach
Traditional Public Relations & Outreach
Mainstream Commercial News Media
Internet Communications