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Western Asset Reserve is an auction clearinghouse for a wide range of alternative investments. The company specializes primarily in fine art, antiques, jewelry, and real estate, but also deals with rare coins and stamps, gemstones, clocks and watches, and collectibles. With a focus on helping clients significantly bolster their financial portfolios through the acquisition of both personal and real investment-grade properties, the company maintains a separate real estate division, Western Land Trust. This division finds distressed properties at low prices in the western United States, including areas in and around Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Salt Lake City, and Mt Shasta.Western Asset Reserve boasts an exceptional internal team with decades of experience in the acquisition and sale of investment assets. Operating from Kapaa, on Hawaii's island of Kauai, Western Asset Reserve's executive staff offers thorough due diligence when researching new investment opportunities. The popular U.S. firm also regularly enlists the counsel of an array of international professionals to accurately evaluate its inventory. Western Asset Reserve provides clients with high-quality investment opportunities that tend to retain or increase their value over time—particularly during economic difficulties like inflation and the decreasing value of the dollar. Though many investors consider U.S. and Western European markets as veritably tapped out, Asian markets still continue to provide many opportunities to invest in undervalued properties. Because a majority of Western Asset Reserve's goods come from Asia, its Hawaiian location is ideal for the international auction house.