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Work experience

Produce Worker


Stock produce, stock the walk-in cooler, stock ice, and cut produce for display.


Gulph Lawn

Edge lawns, weed eat, mow lawns, hedge bushes, cut tree's, repair faulty sprinkler systems, etc. 

Landscape Tech

McNeely Landscaping

Cut tree's and lay a variety of rock.


Heating, ventilation, and Air-conditioning and Carbon Monoxide.

National Park Community College

I train in the heating and air field to obtain my EPA licence, we do lots of class work and spend valuable hours in the shop working to obtain knowledge for future skills. 

Aug 2007May 2014

High School Deploma

Fountain Lake High School (2014)

General High School education and a couple of college classes,


I can do maintenance work such as lawn work, basic plumbing, basic electricity, basic heating and air, cleaning, certain repairs, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.
Oxygen and acetylene welding.
I have a class on welding right now, learning how to braze, weld and solder copper tubing and other metals.
Basic Electricity.
I Have basic electricity knowledge, using meters to calculate voltage, watts (Power), and resistance. I can perform basic wiring and know proper protection when working with electricity.
I am strong, athletic, and I am very open to learning new/useful skills. 



Tommy Gilleran

Mr. Coach Tommy Gilleran was my former football coach from grades 7th-12th at my time in Fountain Lake High School. He has taught me many important life lessons, and how to work as hard as I can in the game of life, and that in everything you do, teamwork is important.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie is the mother of a younger man I have baby sat many of times. I was the go-to man for her when she needed to work out of town.

Kalin Glover

Mr. Glover is a classmate of mine at National Park Community College, we have been partners many of times while doing projects in our HVAC class. He is a former employee of All-Seasons Heating and Air.