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Work experience

Feb 1997Present

Headend Tech

As a Headend Tech I currently maintain 10 different headend sites across southwest Indiana. I am responsible for the reception, and distribution of off-air and satellite programming to the outside plant utilizing coaxial cable and fiber optic transmission technologies. This includes installation, construction, operation, and repair of all equipment associated with the headend and signal distribution network. 


Mar 1995Mar 1997


ITT Technical Institute


Headend Tech 1
Monitor video and audio quality of services delivered on the forward and reverse. Perform daily check of RF levels and headend alignment. Verify audio and video levels for satellite and stereo processing equipment. Monitor commercial insertion equipment for performance as needed. Perfom status monitoring of RF and data performance and further report and/or repair discrepancies. Assist the supervisor with work flow, training, and quality assurance. Perform other duties as requested by supervisor.
System Tech 1-2
Troubleshoot and repair problems associated with RF, AC, DC portion of the forward and reverse plant, such as transmission levels, signal losses, and off-air interference. Perform routine balancing, aligning, and adjustment of components and equipment used to amplify and process signals. Test main trunk lines using signal level meter, volt-ohm meter, spectrum analyzer and other related test equipment on a regular basis, compare findings in the field with documentation. Test power supplies on a regular basis and perform field engineering walkout as required. Monitor and record system leakage and repair drop leakage; comply with requirements outlined in applicable regulations (such as: OSHA/FCC/NEC) Complete and maintain accurate records including work orders, daily logs, and other necessary paperwork. Collect, analyze, and present information on an accurate and timely basis; compile data for inclusion in FCC reports; maintain records, conduct tests, and prepare reports as required in a timely and accurate manner.  
Broadband Tech 1-4
Perfom installation of all necessary cable wiring (interior and exterior) and hardware from the tap to the customer's equipment for the reception of cable and other company services. Perform all work as necessary to conform to quality control guidelines (includes compliance with requirements outlined in applicable regulations such as: OSHA, FCC, and NEC) Perform connects (new and reconnects), disconnects ( requested and non-pay), upgrades, downgrades, install additional outlets, and install or remove equipment (i.e. converters etc.) Assure proper signal levels and picture quality on all television sets. Monitor and record system, drop, and in-house leakage; maintain daily logs; record all required information on work orders, surveys, referrals, etc. Promote cable, internet, and other company services; educate customer on proper use of the service, including how to add additional services and access help online, channel lineups, proper equipment usage, and other services that are available. Clean, maintain, stock, and secure assigned vehicle and equipment.