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I believe in aiming to score a balance in my personal and professional life.I always knew that I wanted to be the man who knew his figures. Over time my interests have evolved to fit a niche of being a CIMA Charted Financial Manager.I have to date completed my tertiary education in Financial Management. I am a perfectionist at everything I do. I plan and orientate myself to fit my demanding lifestyle both professionally and personally ensuring I achieve all goals I set my sight on.


Feb 2012Present Hons. Financial Management

University of Johannesburg

The primary purpose of the B.Com Honours (Financial Management) is to strengthen a student’s  knowledge  and  comprehension  in  the  disciplines  of management accounting and finance.

The programme is comprised of a broad-based curriculum to prepare a student for a wide range of finance-related specialities. The curriculum includes six topic areas ranging from management accounting strategy to financial strategy to performance & risk strategy. The programme emphasises application, analysis and evaluation within each topic area as well as the application of integrity and ethics in a professional environment. Mastering of the curriculum will provide students with the skills to synthesize complex management, financial, performance and risk principles in order to drive and add value to the entities that employ them.

Successful students will gain an overall financial and business perspective which will provide them with a competitive advantage for employment and prepare them for further studies in this field. The B.Com Honours (Financial Management) is accredited by SAQA at NQF Level 7. 


Work experience

Feb 2010Present

Academic Tutor

University of Johannesburg

While studying at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) I was inspired to help the students around me and thus I become attracted to tutoring the subjects I had studied. It was my passion for teaching and helping others that drew me to the position and ensured my success as a both an Economic Tutor (for a short period of time) and Financial Management Tutor. 

I most enjoyed engaging with the students and passing on my knowledge and experience that I acquired in a fun, interactive way. By being a tutor I assisted UJ in the learning process to further develop the students technical; proficiency at Financial Management through questions prepared by the lecturers. While being a tutor I encountered many problems such as a lack of motivation, cultural and language barriers and a misunderstanding of concepts. I overcame these obstacles buy creating fun, interactive games and conducting the tutorials in a participatory manner.

This taught the concerts effectively. The activities were based on movement and visual stimulation and so conveyed the concept in a clearer and more effective manner. 

Being a tutor I developed interpersonal skills, presentation skills, communicate skills and a deeper understanding of the subject matter and assisted me in my own studies. While being a tutor I balanced the responsibilities of preparing the tutorials and my own studies, as well my other interests effectively and maintained my academic objectives.

In conclusion I am currently still a tutor and have been asked to continue in this role until the end of the year. 

Jun 2009Apr 2012

Yoga Teacher

EKAM Yoga studio

I joined EKAM as I love practicing and teaching yoga! And more specifically the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practice. While working here I most enjoy  working with a diverse group of people that come from all walks of life. I find great inspiration from the people I meet and the connection I make.

I assisted EKAM in developing their student base and generated income for them, even working on a volunteer basis when the need arose. There were many operational issues that had to be overcome, such as customer satisfaction, physical barriers, and cultural barriers. While working at EKAM I developed my knowledge of Ashtanga further under the auspices of Sarah Yates, developed my communication skills and I also learnt how to read people better through an understanding of anatomy and some physiology.

I was asked to continue my employment at EKAM on a part time basis, although the studio has closed for relocation purposes.