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I am Wenqi Liu. My English name is Stephanie. I was born in 1994 and I came from Canton. So I can speak both Chinese and Cantonese.I am sophomore in ASU. I am plan to graduate in 2016 in Spring Semester. 

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As a full-time student, most of time I may spend in studying. However, I feel proud of my work experience. I am a calm and sensible girl. I used to deal with the problem alone, rather than relying on others. At the same time I am also a person like high efficiency, I used to finish my work and tasks ahead. Of course, I am also a person does not know how to refuse the request of others. I can not define it is good ability or not. 

Work experience

May 2014Aug 2014


Jia Yin Assets

To be a secretary for manager was a very charming but challenge job for me. In this job, I need to skillfully organize information, arranged manager's job and need to know how to deal with unexpected situations. This is a test of my ability to respond and how to handle the public relations between my customers and boss.

Jun 2013Aug 2013



This was my first as a job for business. That was a summer when I finished my high school and I would try to know which major I am interested in. I became a assistant in marketing office. I need to know the market value in the form of a modern economy and pawn items. From this job, I understand that whatever job you choose to be, there are related to each other.

Jun 2007Jul 2007



In 2007 summer, I selected to go to orphanage to be a volunteer. I took care of homeless children. My duty was look after their lunch, told them story and played with them. My job just a basic works but it was very meaningful. From this job I realized that love should be around our live. We should pay more attention to look after the person who are not homeless or need more help than us.


Sep 2000Jun 2006

Primary School

Ling Nan international school

I attended primary school when I was 6. This is a international school which as English as its first language. We need to speak English when we talked with teacher. In my school there are a Arabic building where is for Arabian study. I just study in regular class.

Sep 2006Jun 2009

Secondary School


In 2006, I went to secondary school which is a closed school. My school is located in suburbs area. I spent 3 years in my secondary school. 

Sep 2009Jun 2012

High School


This is as same school as my secondary school. It is a closed school also. I just can back home at weekend. My high school is not in my hometown but is in neighbor city which I should take more than 2 hours in transportation. 

Jan 2014May 2016


Arizona State University

Currently, this is my second year in ASU. I select Supply Chain Management as my major.