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Amie Perl

Wendy brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and professionalism to everything she does. Her positive energy is infectious and makes her fun to work with! She constantly looks for ways to contribute to the organization and to grow professionally, and she works tirelessly to accomplish goals. She truly thinks like a marketer and would add value to any organization

Sabrina Ican

Over the years I have worked with Wendy, I have been continually impressed with her ability to build and implement plans for new product roll-outs, and other new initiatives, from start to finish. Wendy’s follow-up skills and leadership capabilities have been impeccable, from the content development she managed, to the trainings and meetings she led, to the overall university-wide communication of the roll-out. Her most recent successful roll-out of the Distinguished Faculty Council is an excellent example of the quality of Wendy’s work and the fact that she is a true champion of the company brand

Victoria Wood

Wendy is an outstanding Marketing Director. I work with her repositioning multi-famliy assets that undergo multi-million dollar renovations. This creates a situation where the entire property demographic must be changed. In addition, she must create a marketing campaign for the 'vision' of the property before the tangible asset is complete. She is able to create effective marketing campaigns with precision. Ultimately affecting the bottom line. Her creative materials are the best I have encountered. Not only is she effective as a key member to the success of the project and the company, she is also wonderful to work with as an individual. She can deal with a multitude of personalities and departments simultaneously whille being effective in her position.

Scott Marino

Wendy's talent and vision helped reinvent the public image of the company. Her websites and marketing collateral served to capture the minds and business of an upgraded customer base previously unattainable to this company. The result of Wendy's work is a greatly enhanced revenue stream. Wendy's talent reaches beyond creative vision. She drives business partners and vendors to produce work product even they did not know was possible. She's made my job easier and helped me achieve business goals year after year.

Brand Development

Strengths Summary

Accomplished marketer with a proven track record of problem solving while developing scope, goals and deliverables to ensure ROI and further corporate vision. Persuasive communicator recognized for boosting collaboration and building partnerships that engage and motivate employees, customers and other stakeholders.Adept at forming positive and productive relations with internal and external constituents at all levels.Demonstrated ability to identify marketing opportunities, position and package products and services to accelerate performance and advance reputation.

Business Development ♦ Marketing Communications ♦ Multi-channel Media

Creative Supervision ♦ Brand Integration ♦ Budget Control ♦ Strategic Planning

Cross-functional Team Leadership ♦ Product and Service Enhancement

Event Management ♦ Market Research ♦ Competitive Pricing Strategies

Photoshoots & Model Designs

Professional Objective

Results-driven marketing strategist with over ten years experience seeking a senior marketing role in a progressive company offering challenge and reward.

Quarterly Marketing Update

Awards and Accomplishments

·Member, AIMCO Branding Committee 2008.

·Director, PMA Board of Directors 2006-07.

  • Chair, PMA Marketing Council 2004-05.
  • PMA President’s Award, 2004.
  • Received 14 category awards in the annual PMA Marketing and Advertising Excellence Awards 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.
  • Received 24 category awards in the annual AOBA ACE competitions 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 & 2005.

Work experience


Product Marketing Manager

Strayer University

As Product Marketing Manager for Strayer U, I am responsible for planning, developing and executing integrated, multi-tactical, multi-channel marketing and communications strategies for the launch of each new or revised product or service, and for maintaining ongoing strategies to increase employee and customer awareness and understanding of all products.

·Provide relevant market and customer analyses, including but not limited to

competitive comparisons, customer needs, employment data and trends.

·Manage cross functional teams and coordinating with various departments to ensure

all plans are executed on schedule.

·Ensure that information about each product stays current in all communications

vehicles as products are revised.

·Provide ongoing support for each product, ensuring that admissions and advising

staff have the materials, support, training, and other resources they need to be

successful selling the product(s).

·Evaluate short and long term results of strategies, recommending and implementing

strategic and tactical changes to plans as needed.

·Work with the training department to develop and manage product specific training

programs to ensure that all staff are knowledgeable according to their position and r

responsibilities relative to the product.


Director of Marketing - Northeast, Mid-Atlantic & South


Conduct market and competitor analysis, define the target customer, co-write the business plan, head the multi-channel media strategy, craft and execute marketing plans and communications. Co-host sales meetings to ensure alignment of marketing strategies with sales pace objectives.Develop and manage website, SEO/SEM program, and collateral with vendor/agency from cradle to grave.Responsibly controlled budgets up to $5M. 

  • Key driver to new solutions that improved technologies and processes of e-business, call center, ROI measuring matrix, competitive survey analysis and the website content mgt systems that became leveraged and used across multiple divisions.
  • Improved qualified lead counts by 27% to the highest in the last three (3) years through strategic multi-channel media and messaging.
  • Implemented repositioning strategy to drive desired customer while increasing average income standards 20%+ and achieving improved rates and occupancy goals.
  • Established highly effective "Live Your Dream" pre-launch promotional program that increased traffic volume15% with an average annual sales increase of 12%.
  • Contributor to branding committee that defined consumer segmentation, guarantee, promise and pillars thereby shaping a new AIMCO brand.

Director of Marketing, Washington DC Metro


As the initial sole marketing employee for the company, I recruited, coached and lead a marketing team of four to success. Created and conducted training program from scratch and produced the multi-channel media plans, budgets and sales strategy for 50 class A-C assets in the Wash DC Metro area.Masterminded company events, marketing communications and special projects, served as government and business partner liaison and contributed to the corporate newsletter.

  • Designed and wrote an award-winning branded brochure and related collateral, web and print advertising, and customer loyalty programs in collaboration with agency.
  • Boosted leads by 15%, while cutting overall marketing expenses by 10% through a combination of strategic media purchases, collaborative marketing/sales meetings and change in vendor partnerships.
  • Built new company and subsidiary brand, along with the presentation and reinforcement plans presented to team members, vendors and clients, which were successfully delivered on time and within budget.
  • Supervised the development of an accredited 28-course school (online and classroom), distinguished as The Realty Academy, and first of its kind at the company.
  • Reorganized and strengthened customer retention programs and services, resulting in the highest quantity and quality of customer feedback ever received.

Director of Marketing and Training

A.J. Dwoskin & Associates
As department head, I originated the brand for the residential and commercial portfolios, assembled and supervised print, sign and website advertising, developed and controlled prescribed marketing/training budgets up to $1M, supervised development of company website and other company marketing materials. Designed, implemented and managed corporate partnership program. Supervised graphics and client service team.
  • Built the company’s first integrated website with video, tours and other interactive service features.
  • Created and conducted a 12-step sales and customer retention training program.
  • Recruited, trained and developed new sales team members to success.Two of the three years under my sales leadership, the company had the highest occupancy rates beating the previous five years.

Student Pilot

Metropolitan Helicopters - Manassas Regional Airport

Regional Sales Consultant

Gates, Hudson & Associates
Assigned to increase sales and improve marketing exposure at negative cash flowproperties in the Wash DC area.Created and implemented marketing plans that included advertising, promotional events and customer retention programs.
  • Awarded "Sales Consultant of the Year" 1996.
  • Promoted to the first “Regional” Sales Consultant for the company.