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Aug 2011Present

High School Diploma

California High School


Good Athlete
One of my skills is being a good athlete. I'm a very good athlete especially at soccer. I know how to kick the ball far. I also know how to pass and be a goalie.

Work experience

Apr 2006Present


Chivas USA

Will I'm playing my favorite sport soccer i have to do a lot of work. I had to do a lot of fund raising to earn money for our team and for our uniforms. We had to travel to a lot of different locations just to go to our tournaments. But before i started playing soccer i was a peer coach helping my uncle coach his soccer team for little kids. That got me into having the passion of becoming a soccer player.


I would like to acquire a job for the position as a lawyer. I would like to have this job in New York City. I Would Like To Work For The Company Dunn Lambert , LLC.


To become a lawyer i have to have a J.D degree to practice law which I'm planning to get one. I also have to have a bachelors degree for admission into law school. I need four years of undergraduate college , 3 years of law school , and need to pass the state bar test.


I have a lot of interests. One of my interest is soccer. I love playing soccer because it makes me forget about everything. I'm a very sporty kind of girl. I love listening to music and i love having fun. But I'm also serious about my work , when i work I'm determined to win.