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Certified Nursing Assistant


Compassionate Certified Nursing Assistant seeking to contribute five years experience providing the highest level of care with clients, residents and patients.



Certified Nursing Assistant

North Idaho College

Assistance with Medication

North Idaho College

First Aid

American Academy of CPR &First Aid, Inc.

Food Safety

Department of Health and Welfare - Division Of Health

Work History


Certified Nursing Assistant Medication Technician

Enlivant Care

As a compassionate patient- focused Med Tech CNA the duties included administering prescribed routine medications, maintaining medication stock, reviewing progress and the effects of medication given, documenting all active daily living care, medications, incidence, complaints or requests as directed by license nursing. 


Certified Nursing Assistant

Ivy Court

Passionate and dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant providing assistance with active daily living skills, vital sign monitoring, documentation of any needs or requests and encouraging and providing comfort.


Certified Nursing Assistant

Ivy Court

Providing a warm smile and a gentle hand while assisting long-term care residence with active daily living skills such as eating, bathing, dressing and transferring. 


Respit Caregiver

Guardian Angel Home Care

Respit Caregiver skills offered to clients needing assistance with active daily living skills, dressing, eating, medication reminders, transportation to or from doctors visits and shopping.


Telemetry Technician, Health Unit Secretary, Patient Care Technician

North Idaho Advanced Care Hospital

Telemetry Technician skills are to recognize normal cardiac rhythms, monitor, record, and alert licensed nursing of any deviation in cardiac rhythm or vital signs.

Health Unit Secretary greets visitors in person with an inviting smile or a supportive tone on multi-line phone system with accurate up to date information in accordance with HIPPA laws while collaborating with health care personnel through email, fax, phone or verbal communication in the preparation of accurate patient records and patient care. 

Patient Care Technician always encouraging patients and assisting with active daily living skills, obtaining vital signs and documenting patient requests or concerns with care provided.


Senior Nurse Technician

Missouri Rehabilitation Hospital

Compassionate Senior Nurse Technician assist Tramatic Brain injuries, restorative or termanal patients with active daily living skills along with obtaining recording and reporting vital signs and assisting nursing with basic procedures such as verifying NG tube placement, administering tube feeding, Naso-pharyngeal & tracheotomy suctioning, simple sterile dressing changes and digital stimulation. 


Telemetry Technician

North Idaho Advanced Care Hospital