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My Major 

Law in Chinese (FLL)

I think use the Law to solve dispute and unfair things , let everyone can be at ease to live. 

Extra-curricular activities 

student union 's deputy secretary in UM

SU in UM

Our group calls 'Sparkle ' , but we fail it . it is because there are many people think our  ability of work is so slowly and so many negative comment , by the way i get more experience , it is my heart , i believe that Efforts can be better than everything.

English debater 

English Debate Team of UM (EDT)

English debate is my favourite group , because i can non stop to improve my english , and can meet some active members to increase my commucicate skills , i want continue to study , because that my major doesn't have english course . 


Dance Troupe of UM (DT) 

just dacing every tuesday night  and sometimes to perform in UM and let here's student can get relax and happy to study . 

Volunteer of teenager 

Bosco youth service network (B.Y.S)

My duty is to the Macau youth on the path of positive energy and convey the love , let everyone have a happy life .

Officer of General Association of Chinese student of Macau 

General Association of Chinese student of Macau  (AECM)

My duty is to give students and the public service , organize activities for them , and let them live happily . 


primary school 

Escola primária luso - chinesa de Flora 

secondary school 

Kao Yip Middle School


4 Language : 1) cantonese 2) madarim 3) english 4) portugues 

sports : 1) Run 2) swim  

Art : 1) dance 2)Calligraphy of china 

Musical Instruments :  1) Guitar 2) yukulele a little bit 

Text Section

  Although my GPA is not as high as the other , and i need time to get used to the university live . I'm so regret why i'm so bad  in the 1st semester .

   Through the 1st semester , i'm reflect on my whole study attitude in my 1st semester , why i'm not diligent to study . Now i'm clear-headed , as a university student , i must to study harder and harder , it is because this time to repay my parents that is my duty , and i learn so much things about Thanksgiving , Thanksgiving everything i have .