Wen Gu

Undergraduate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute




Aug 2014 - Sep 2015
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

GPA: 3.96

Dual major in Electrical Engineering and Computer System Engineering

Embedded Control

         Application of microprocessor as an embedded element of engineering system

Engineering Analysis

         Application of linear algebra and statics in engineering system

Foundation of Computer Science

         Analysis of discrete data and application of computation theory

Data Structures

         Application of mathematic tools and algorithms on data structure

Engineering Graphics and CAD

         Techniques for creating solid models of engineering designs

Work experience

Work experience

Network Maintenance Intern

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

Provided network maintenance solutions and worked on coordination among different departments




Programed in language C/ C++, Objective-C, Python 

Microprocessor Programing

Programed microprocessor for simple engineering system

Circuits Build

Built sophisticated electrical circuits

CAD Modeling and Simulation

Computer Aided Design and Modeling in NX 9.0




1.  Tetris Computer Games Implied by C++ (2015)

A program uses dynamically-allocated arrays to keep track of blocks on the 2D grid of the classic Tetris  computer game and does the simulation of the game on computer.

2.  Carcassonne Game Implied by C++ (2015)

A program solves tile placement puzzles inspired by the board game “Carcassonne” using the technique of recursion. And l managed to figured out an efficient algorithm to shorten the running time of such time-consuming game. Finally, simulated the “Carcassonne” puzzle using computer and find all solutions.

3.   Distance Fields Implied by C++(2015)

A program manipulates 2D images and calculate and visualize the distance field from a shape which  is involved in collision detection, shape modeling and registration/similarity detection, motion planning for robotics, and computer vision and image processing.

4.   Computer-generated Text Implied by C++(2015)

A program analyzes the frequency and sequencing of words in sentences in samples of English text. Then generates new sequences of strings that mimic these statistics and present these sequences as computer-generated text so that robotics may be able to speak to others as a human being.

5.   CAD Final Project Implied by NX 9.0(2015)

Use NX 9.0 to modeling each part of  an earphone and assembling each part. 

Honors and Awards

Dean's list at RPI                                                                                                                 August 2014 - Present

Honor student of Intro to Engineering Analysis                                                                                   May 2015

Chinese National Athlete of Second Grade (Shooting)                                                  January 2007 - Present

Extra-Curricular Activities

Captain of  Men's Soccer Team, FC Beast (Division-3)

Membership of RPI Chinese Students & Scholars Association

Membership of Badminton Club at RPI

Membership of Embedded Hardware Club