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William E. "Bill" McCune, Doctor of Public Health and Certified Packaging Professional, has over 35 years of ongoing department leadership for healthcare package engineering and label design with several Fortune 500 companies. Key reporting area has been in both R&D and Operations with direct responsibilities to Quality, Regulatory, Marketing, Sales, and Legal.Product lines have included diagnostic, consumer, and Rx for both human and veterinary use.

Bill’s hands on experience has been with lab test method development and actual lab construction, line optimization and new line installation, container design for unique functional improvements, and package/formulation testing for microbial, chemical, and leak properties. Key to Bill’s success has been his ability to identify the essentials for prioritization of projects with the actual projects also subject to change in their priority.

Bill is innovative and energetic with his multiple in company and across industry efforts toward efficiency and regulatory compliance having ongoing involvement with FDA, CPSC, USP as an Expert Committee Member, SPI in support of USP efforts, ASTM, ISTA, IATA, and colleagues in other pharmaceutical companies. Bill has also led full NDA and MAA product teams and worked with the full range of packaging materials and processes.

Bill has most enjoyed his innovative contributions including patents in the areas of operations improvements, total package environment problem solving for primary through POP, complex package issues for product chemical stability, implementation of novel aspects in packaging, and a graphics computer program that was utilized at NASDAQ. Most exciting for Bill have been the ongoing revolutionary changes from CR, UPC, cGMP, TE, enhanced bar codes, needle stick, counterfeiting and beyond.

Work experience


United States Navy
  • Back to back tours for New Construction/Commissioning for Dubuque LPD-8 and Newport LST-1179.
  • Following tour was Naval Ocean Systems Command, Global Long Range Sound Detection and Tracking of Soviet Subs and all other vessels of interest.
Nov 2010Present


Independent Pharmaceutical Consultant
  • Packaging areas of interest include food, drugs, medical instruments, transportation/handling, and environmental impact.
  • Presented to Tarrant County Public Health group on correlation between packaging and public health.
  • Initiating conversations with local non-profit organizers on the role packaging plays in their organization.
  • Tentatively developing a strategic team to examine packaging, public health, and local impact in new media format.
  • Brought into assessments for area community clinics to consult on cost/benefit analysis.  
Sep 2007Nov 2010

Senior Manager, Package Engineering and Label Design

  • Leadership role tasked with elevating the function of Package Engineering from serving a research driven product development company limited to putting a product in a box to a new cost and consumer focus seeing internal and external customers as clients and working to establish creative packaging for their unique needs.
  • Hired as an individual contributor and demonstration of new opportunities allowed for the merging of the Package Engineering and Label Development departments adding six staff in 2008 with two additional staff added in 2009 creating a strong and diverse group.
  • Major liaisons established with R&D, Manufacturing, and Marketing including attendance at respective VP staff meetings and addressing clinical, manufacturing, and innovative aspects of packaging. Implemented use of 3D software to show in motion video of kit contents and Tigris equipment with rotational views for interactive trade show use by customers and at NASDAQ.
Jun 2007Sep 2007

Consultant for Kraft Foods

Equity Packaging
  • Retained for support to Desserts product segment and cost reduction.
  • Introduced multi division effort to progress development of innovative packaging.
  • Multiple visits to Midwest manufacturing site to address glass packaging concerns.
Apr 1993Jan 2005

Director Research & Development, Package Development

Alcon Laboratories
  • Directed and supervised International design efforts and analysis of statistical data for strategic package changes to achieve Australian acceptance in face of recall and protect sales in Asia/EU.
  • Oversaw development of package engineers and cross functional teams responsible for first use of package engineers being selected as Team Captains for NDA/NCE Development Teams and received first R&D Technical Excellence Award ever awarded to a non physical science group.
  • Documentation upgrade of SOP?s and SQL/LIMS BOM's achieved ISO Compliance and positioned approvals for new or changed packaging to extend to include all management areas.
  • Materials knowledge and commitment to success using FMEA and CAPA led to track record of invention, design, development, and patents for multiple package design platforms essential for product to exist.
  • Results delivered tens of millions in product sales and brand leadership.
  • Accountable for multi million dollar departmental budget and developed vendor relations including key transfer of in house bottle molding for leverage to strategic sourcing partner and developing new emerging technologies using non-commercial materials.
  • Achieved 100% retention of direct reports compared to previous low retention levels with no staff including function head staying beyond seven years.
  • Markedly improved morale by creating awareness of necessary respect and effort in dealing with all employees outside department, including senior, peer level, and lower level employees.
  • Technical leader for efforts to resolve vendor and plant problems, use of brainstorming and customer market studies including focus groups, design of effective pilot plant work, creating prototypes, and leading design of customer focused packages including competitor analysis.
Apr 1990Mar 1993

Project Leader II

The Clorox Company
  • Project Leader II responsibility was to establish direction for Packaging Development and to integrate it within the newly established Strategic Business Units of Laundry or Home Cleaning.
  • Responsible for innovation and creativity of multiple market launch packages for laundry and home cleaning products such as Clorox Plus, Formula 409, Club Stores Pallet Packs and the Clorox acquisition of Pine-Sol which included the introduction of product lines and new bottle sizes.
  • Directed increased use of laboratory testing, market research, and plant trials which saw use of gained knowledge and lab work from pharmaceutical stability practices showing acceptability of a multi-layer foil pouch for bleach and identifying breakthroughs in environmental technology.
  • Met California and EPA recycling content of all products by novel approach for environmental technology that saved capital costs of $30,000,000 and accelerated implementation.
Mar 1975Mar 1990

Manager, Package Development

  • Instrumental in growing the core business function of Packaging Engineering from being a single contributor to a staff of fourteen and establishing a new bricks and mortar office and laboratory dedicated to evaluating packaging dimensions, transportation, and chemistry.
  • Supported OTC transfer to Johnson & Johnson/Merck including the two way product transfers of plants and plant equipment.
  • Necessary ongoing support until all transfers were complete required operation of multiple specification systems for products being manufactured by one and needing distribution documentation for the other.
  • Developed packaging programs for two marketing divisions including future packaging needs, new concepts, container brand image, graphics, and packaging equipment.
  • Revised packaging brand image and reduced cost by introducing a “family of bottles” and made significant design contributions to projects for four new packaging lines replacing bottles with blisters and a line to overwrap a surgical scrub brush.


May 2011

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

University of North Texas Health Science Center