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To use my business experience, business and legal education, and entrepreneurial drive in a dynamic, innovative firm with a cooperative environment that rewards innovation and results


Food and wine- food is one of my primary interests in life. I enjoy cooking and have worked as a cook, caterer, and pastry chef. I am an expert on top restaurants in and around NYC. I have given classes on cooking, beer, and wine appreciation. I have toured wineries and restaurants on five continents. I am not just a foodie; food is my passion.

Bowling- I have competed in and won several tournaments and leagues. At the height of my bowling career, I had a 217 average. I also started a bowling club at Babson.

Improv Comedy- I have taken classes and occasionally perform long form improvised comedy in NYC.

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity- I held several positions as an undergrad and currently serve as the president of the alumni board.

Bridge- I have played bridge for over 10 years and have attained Junior Life Master status through tournaments.

Tennis- I have played tennis since I was five.


I am a 2L at Fordham University School of Law with a background in Information Technology, Project Management, Strategic Consulting, and Entrepreneurship.


Aditi Bagchi

Aditi Bagchi is one of the rising stars in the New York legal scene. She is a professor of Contracts at Fordham University School of Law.

Carolyn Hotchkiss

Dean Hotchkiss is an expert in international law. She has taught at several universities and is frequently called as an expert witness or in other advisory capacities.

Scott Breitenother

Scott was my partner in KitchenShare. He has more experience working with me than anyone else.


Sabancı University

I spent a semester abroad at Sabanc . I also attended the International Management and Industrial engineering Summit (IMIS). I had a 3.63 GPA at Sabanc . My most valuable experiences were interacting with the Turkish students and professors, traveling throughout the country, and all the friendships I made with students from around the world (I was the only American student there).

Aug 2012Present


Fordham University School of Law

Attending Fordham on a merit scholarship. Cumulative GPA 3.33.

Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Journal

Sep 2004May 2008

Bachelor of Science

Concentrations: Legal Studies (3.92 GPA) and Global Business Management (3.84 GPA)

Presidential Scholar, Dean's List, Magna Cum Laude, 3.55 Cumulative GPA

Jul 2005Aug 2005

I took a summer course in spoken Arabic from one of the world's foremost experts, Omar Othman.  I also traveled throughout the country and took a trip to Jordan.

Jul 2002Aug 2002

I attended the Oxford Advanced Summer Program, run by Oxford University. I took courses in International Relations and International Business Management, with a 3.83 GPA. I met students and professors from around the world and participated in trips throughout England. I participated in the student debates and was elected the best debater.

Work experience

Jul 2008Jun 2011

Project Manager


I worked as a project manager in Integrated Technology Delivery, part of Global Technology Services and Strategic Outsourcing. I was responsible for planning, executing, and evaluating IBM's efforts to supplement or replace in house IT services. My primary job responsibilities were to manage the scope, budget, and schedule of the project, communicate with all stakeholders, and manage an international technical team.

Apr 2007Feb 2008

Founder and CEO

KitchenShare, LLC

KitchenShare was a company I started with a friend of mine from school. The company developed a social networking site for people who like to cook, complete with recipes, videos, a fully functional integrated marketplace, and many other functions. My partner ran the website, while I communicated with potential marketplace users, attended conventions, solicited media coverage, and handled the financial and legal aspects of the business. I learned more from running KitchenShare than I have from anything else I have done thus far.

Jun 2004Jan 2007

Subcontractor- Freelance Content Developer

I have creaded and edited several high school and college level online courses for Thomson using Lectora Publishing Suite. Since I was working freelance, I set my own hours and had to manage my own time and resources to get the job done. By the third course, I was also asked to teach others how to create an effective online course and to edit their work.

May 2006Sep 2006

Junior Consultant

Academic Business Advisors

At academic business advisors, I worked on several major projects in a variety of capacities. On one project, I worked on a two man consulting team for one of the world's largest testing companies. I was in charge of putting together financial projections for all of their international products and assisted in developing a comprehensive strategic plan for their international division.

Dec 2004Jan 2005

Advocacy Intern

I worked as the intern for the Advocacy department of Consumers Union, the publishers of Consumer Reports magazine. The largest project I was given was to compile a database of the advocacy laws and regulations in every state and major city within the United States.


Entrepreneurship is the ability to recognize and take advantage of opportunities. I have been honing this ability since before I knew a word for it. I started my first business in high school and two since then. I keep a running list of business ideas. I became known at each of my jobs for innovating processes and finding alternative solutions.
Project Management
I was a project manager for three years with IBM, where I managed projects on multi-million dollar accounts using an international team of technical resources. I worked on a variety of different project areas and specialized in turning around troubled projects.
Soft skills
By participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities in leadership positions in both high school and college, I have developed and refined the following "soft skills:" Brainstorming, problem solving, leadership, mediation, negotiation, communication, decision making, and teamwork (including consensus building). I have also taken courses in negotiations, rhetoric, and leadership. KitchenShare gave me the opportunity to further develop these skills. Feel free to ask about the many experiences I have had that have tested or given me the opportunity to demonstrate these skills.
Orgnaization and Self-motivation
I have always been highly involved in activities that demand much of my time. I am used to working with a hectic schedule and juggling many demands at once.
Public Speaking
At Babson College, I have had to give countless presentations for classes, organizations, and my business. The school prides itself on producing excellent speakers, and I have received many comments on the quality of my speeches and speaking ability.
After years of working for newspapers (including opinions editor of the Babson Free Press and contributing writer at the Sound & Town Report), writing, and editing essays, I have become a singularly good writer and editor. I have been published in several different publications, from weekly newspapers, to industry publications, to periodical publications. I have been offered a few writing jobs, including writing coach and food editor positions.
Arabic and Turkish
I learned both spoken Arabic and spoken Turkish. Since I have not had the opportunity to practice, my speaking skills have decreased significantly, but if I need to, I could relearn the languages.
I took Spanish for six years. While I no longer use it often, I am still intermediate to advanced and could recover my previous skill with some practice.
Clementine and SPSS
I have taken several applied statistics courses, including Data Mining and Multivariate Statistical Analysis. In these courses, I have used programs such as Clementine and SPSS to perform statistical analysis.
Microsoft Office
I have used Micrsoft Office all of my life. I am an expert in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook. I am advanced in Access and Works. I have written, edited, and taken courses on several of these programs.