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Salary I would like would be between 30,000 and 32,000 but is negotiable.


I enjoy troubleshooting problems and creating new and innovative ways to handle them.

I enjoy spending time with my family. My wife and children are the most important aspect in my life. They are my drive to continually push forward and better myself.

I enjoy woodworking

Technical Summary

1) Cleaning of wood, pellet, masonry fireplaces

2) Installation of Top Dampers and Caps

3) Rebuilding of Fire boxes

4) Servicing Inserts (i.e. gasket repair)

5) Servicing and light repair of pellet stoves (i.e. new igniters, auger repair, fuse replacment)

6) Gas log repair (New fire bars,)

7) Screen door and Glass door installations

8) New crowns, flashing, tuckpointing

9) Insert removal ( 2 person job depending on unit and location )

10) Wood Stove liner installation ( 2 person job )

11) Gas Furnace Liner Installation (2 person job )

12) Video Inspections, Sale Inspections

13) Light chimney rebuild (Low roof, easy access was all I did for re-builds)

14) Flue Tile Extensions

15) Pressure washing chimneys

16) Masonry Chimney Sealing (Waterproofing)

17) Ash Dump Cleanouts

18) Chimney Fire inspections (report determining cause, extent of damage, corrective measures)

19) Reshape smoke chamber (Chamber Tech) to decrease turbulence causing smoke back.

20) Installation of smoke guards

How can I help You

I can provide top level service to Sutter Home and Hearth with both my knowledge and skills developed over the years in the industry.  Below is a list of the items that I can do, some which may or may not be applicable to Sutters needs or services but relate to wood/gas/pellet heating. Some items may also be in an area that Sutters may wish to expand, such as having an in house clean/prep/service department.

There are multiple opportunites to serve your company and assist in your growth. I look forward to hearing from you.

Associations / Achievements

Groups Associated with:

1)Gate Keepers (Bothell/Woodinville)

2)Fire Marshals Association

3)Cub Scouts of America

4)National Fire Protection Agency

Recognition / Achievements

1)American Red Cross/Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

A)1993 Laguna Beach Fires/Floods

B)1994 Northridge Earthquake

C)Feb 2001 Seattle Earthquake

D)August 2001 Eastern Washington Fires

2)1992-1994 – Lynnwood Washington Patrol Team

3)1990-1992 – United States Navy – National Defense Service Medal – Honorable Discharge

4)1989 – High Motivation Job Training and Academic Advancement

5)1987 United Way Youth Recognition Award for Outstanding Service (Over 1000 hours volunteered at Swedish Hospital)

6)1987 Finalist Washington State Young Leaders Conference

What others are Saying

This letter is my personal recommendation for Scott Weber. I was Scott’s immediate boss for several years.Scott was consistently focused, tackling all assignments on time and with dedication.

Scott was also asked to create numerous special power point presentations to be viewed by Corporate Management and customers.These presentations were used to determine market analysis and future budget perimeters. Scott would convert information from our operating system and provide a visual that was easy to understand.

I think one Scott’s strengths is cost analysis. Within months Scott was able to reduce our vendor fees dramatically.

Scott assumed a leadership role within the company that was inspiring and motivating to other team players.

                                Cathy Sarkissian, Operations Manager, Equity Title Company

“Scott is a detailed person who really cares about the customer and the final product.”

Shane Hazard, AFLAC

Scott models the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in his business. His service and honesty is above and beyond what is typical.”

Pam Jackson, The Growth Coach


Multi Tasking
I am able to handle multiple tasks at once.  Attention to detail, organization and job delegation allow multiple projects to be going at one time while still meeting deadlines.
Detailed Organization
Highly efficient in taking an office and creating a more efficient and organized environment.  Able to streamline office production. Attention to detail is the key.
Cost Saving Implementation
I am able to look at an office and how it operates, determine cost per item production (ex. Prelim, Sales spending, etc.) and look for ways to decrease production cost while maintaining efficiency and quality. After analyzing, creating a detailed report with all data to show current costs associated and how to decrease.
Adobe Acrobat
Convert Data from word into PDF files
Power Point
Create individual Reports and company information into Slide Shows and presentations.
Microsoft Excel
Merging Deliminted text files into Excel and sorting data to create reports with specified fileds.  

Work experience

Mar 2007Apr 2009

Owner / Operator

Applewood Chimney Sweeps

Owner operator of a chimney sweep and repair company. Performed annual servicing of chimneys for commercial and residential structures. Performed pre-sale inspections of chimney systems as well as fire investigation where the chimney was a primary cause.

In addition to inspections, I also performed repairs of chimney caps, crowns, tuck-pointing and firebox rebuilds.

Due to the shift in the economy, our business dropped 90% in a period of 3 months and we were unable to adapt and were forced to close our doors.

Sep 2002Jan 2007

Executive Assistant

Equity Title

Managed the day to day operations of the office in Santa Ana consisting of 75+ employees. Handled cost analysis of office and data collection to design and implement cost reducing programs while maintaining high productivity. Dissemenated office P&L reports and handled invoicing.

Was personal Assistant to the operations Manager (Cathy Sarkissian) and County Manager (Marci Wyland) who oversees 3 Title offices and 70+ escrow offices.

Jun 1996Sep 2002

Owner Operator

Webers Household Services

Operated 3rd party service company for the moving industry reducing there costs by creating a company that handled services of high insurance value, removing that overhead from the company.

Employees handled the disconnection and servicing of household items of high risk or value and crated for move. (Pianos, Art work, Antiques, High Value Computer Equipment)

Dec 1993Jun 1996


Paladin Protective Services

I was responsible for the hiring/firing of of Security personel. Scheduling of shifts, customer complaints and public relations. In addition to monitoring the activites of the security officers I also ran the office and was responsible for Invoicing and Payroll. Before receiving this promotion I worked in the field as a security officer for 1 year handling properties and special events. The areas worked were on site areas that were deemed a city nusiance by the local Police Departments. I was responsible for making over 200 arrests ranging from criminal tresspass, assault, possesion, and burglary. I appeared at all court proceedings when required.


Class A License

Washington State Department of Motor Vehicles


Kari Sabo

Jim Myers

Neil Gulley

Cindy MacNeil

Cathy Sarkissian

George Mack