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About Me

Seasoned, creative and versatile scientific computing professional with a gift for presenting and explaining complex technical subjects. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills. Extensive experience managing high performance computing projects and optimization of laboratory and data analysis processes. Seeking a challenging senior level position, preferably in the general area of biomedical research or biotechnology that offers an opportunity to streamline operations and generate sustainable, exceptional results.

Work experience

Sep 2008Present


Dialog Consulting

Dialog Consulting provides services in Drupal Web Development and Scientific Computing. We aim to empower people by making modern, cutting edge concepts in computing and web technologies work for them.

We are based in San Diego and like to work directly with our customers. We believe in-depth understanding of your overall business strategy and current issues through direct interaction, coupled with personalized, on-site training after delivery of the project, is key to the success of any project. However, we can also work efficiently with remote customers and will give you the same level of personal attention as our local customers are receiving.

Mar 2009Present

High Performance Computing Manager

Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Managed a small team of HPC specialists. Purchased, deployed and managed several HPC clusters. Spearheaded new data center cooling initiative based on rear door heat exchangers. Improved power usage efficiency from sub-standard 2.4 to industry leading 1.2. Supported very diverse user base, and improved reliability of equipment, process workflows and productivity in sustainable and quantifiable ways.

Oct 1997Sep 2008

Sr. Application Analyst

The Scripps Research Institute

Responsible for scientific application support on high performance computer clusters and Unix workstations. Consulting and implementation of software installations to address specific scientific needs. Managed numerous project teams which enabled research scientists to dramatically improve the speed, accuracy and quality of their computational experiments.  Also, designed and managed successful, high-level software training program focused on Unix and scientific applications with hundreds of satisfied, productive participants. 5 years of active involvement in High School Outreach program.

Oct 1995Sep 1998

Sr. Research Associate

The Scripps Research Institute

Assisted in management of the lab of Prof. Walter J. Chazin. Responsible for computational infrastructure (hardware, software and network), biosafety, and web site. Oversaw a range of research projects. Pioneered (in 1996) user-contributed, Web 2.0-style content on intranet website to record and disseminate collective experience and lab procedures, still in use today.

Oct 1995Sep 1997


Complete interface redesign, usability testing, peak picker re-implementation, benchmarking and overall consulting for Felix 97 and other life science software.

Accelrys was named MSI at the time of my involvement.

Oct 1993Sep 1995

Research Assistant

Universität Zürich

Set up and expanded structural NMR, computational and visualization infrastructure in the lab of Prof. John A. Robinson. Guided several doctoral students’ work on a daily basis.

Jan 1991Sep 1993

Research Associate

The Scripps Research Institute

Postdoc in the lab of Prof. Walter Chazin. Overexpression, isotope labeling and purification of proteins, 2D and 3D heteronuclear NMR experiments, interface design and implementation for 3D data analysis in Felix software.

Mar 1987Dec 1990

Graduate Student

Eidg.Techn. Hochschule (ETH)

Advisor: Prof. Kurt Wüthrich, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2002

Started up Cyclophilin/Cyclosporin project in collaboration with Sandoz AG (now Novartis Inc.). Optimization and scale-up of protein expression and purification, multidimensional NMR experiments, early testing and consulting for XEASY software. Published Weber, C. et al, Biochemistry, 1991(30) “The NMR structure of cyclosporin A bound to cyclophilin in aqueous solution”, cited approx. 600 times.


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