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Pro Football

my wife Bet.and I are true blue Tennessee Titans fans,

If  the Tennessee Titans looses then its Payton Manning and the Colts

College Football

we have to follow the university of tennessee 

Fishing  Fresh water

Beings afraid of deep water we just fish off the bank mostly the

back waters of the Tennessee river we catch mostly crappie, catfish and bream


 Mostly  Deer, Turkey. Quail and other small Game we always eat what I kill I never hunt for the sport of it

glad i never shot a Polecat or Skunk


Im 68 years of age born 04-04-1941 according to my Dr.In very good health to be that age

Im a very dedicated to my job and profession ,I do and will always do the best possible

I try to attend every school that i can .If  it doesn,t interfear with my job .I do private duty if

I Have the time off .

      I have been here in leapers fork for the past twelve years and love it here its very quite

My wife has been here all her life she has Two Brothers and Two sisters who  live here on her

fathers Home place ,these Hills are where we all hunt its full of  Deer,Turkey ,and all kinds of

wild critters .Bob Cats by  the dozens .


Sterling Burger

Gate Guard

Gerald Dodd

retired contractor

Bernice Martin

Drives a hot mix truck

David Hargrove

supervisor for the state of tennessee road dept,

Work experience

Mar 2006Present


Clark Security Co

checked employee ids

signed in employees who came to work without ids

signed in visitors

checked venders in and out

signed for freight coming and going

kept records of who did what and why it was done

made round in plant when no one was there

monitored employees on break and at lunch time



Self Employed

kept up with time records figered time for payroll

Did all the hiring and firing

did all fica and irs paperwork

wrote checks for payroll and other expences

overseer of work that was done or to be done

read plans and made plans for the next day and the next week

made plans for visitors  for the next day



Robert N. Moore Co.

did all repair on exterior wood and paint

did all electrical repairs as needed

monitored traffic coming and going

monitored office when manager was gone



Nov 2005Nov 2005


Three day certification on fire arms I am certificated on the following

9 mm Ruger Automatic

40 Caliber Ruger Automatic

45 Caliber Ruger Automatic

357 Ruger Black Hawk Revlover

12 Guage shot gun Pump And Automatic

AR 15 223 Caliber Automatic

Feb 2004Feb 2004

Williamson County Sheriffs Dept

Thanks to the Williamson County Sheriffs Dept.------  Sheriff Rickey Headley -----Detective Fred Bennett------

( Officer Jim Moth shooting and weapons tech.Trainer ) ---( Officer   Jay Fox  Baton And line Trainer )

also several more officers sorry but i can,t remember their names

          The thing about this I had an I.D. Theift  and didn,t even know it , after several months of hard work between the F.B.I. the T.B.I. and Sheriff Headley,s dept it was all strightened out .this person also spent five years in the alabama state pen. under my name as to this date he still has several warrants under my name in Alabama all driving warrents.

Feb 2000Apr 2000

Dr.John A Rittenburg Patholist

This class was taught by a very well known patholist Dr.John a Rittenburg  ( Deceased ) good info. if anyone wants to know what happens when someone gets shot and why they die or live i suggest you find a school

who has the personal capable of this part of anatomy there were probly 500 slides of different gun shot wounds from a 22 caliaber to a 500 caliaber .entrances and exits .

  This class was two months long .two hours ever Mon.Wed.Fri evening .In my oppion it should have been three Hours five times a week for three months there is just to much things to asorobe in that little time


Friars Point 1 To 12

          What can you say about what you learnt in school 50 years ago .I think in Math the highest you could  go was ethier Algebria or Physics.     

            History was a interesting subject .I was always interested in what went on in this world before i was born .

            Spelling as you can see it was not my best subject .

            English i did good in .probly because my best friend,s mother was a teacher .she taught English