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My interests lay in many areas but the two main ones deal in Literature and Design.


Ever since I was a child of around 13 I've been interested in the way things are design, color schemes, layouts, ebb and flow of designs and ads. It didn't truly take shape until I was in high school that things came together and I began to use my skills and curiosity to begin designing myself. Working on editing video and photos. God's world has always astounded me and I wish to take what he's created and make something of it, use the skill he'd granted and make something of interest. It's always been a curiosity and pasison of mine, one of which I will continue to refine and improve.


Even as a little child I've loved books and writing. In the fourth grade I wrote comics with a friend and from there began to write stories, though looking back on them I'm some what embarassed as to how horrible my grammer was I am still forever interested in the writing down of stories and idea and flushing them out into wonderful works of art. Going along with this of course is reading. My mother often tells me a story of when I was just a very small child I would love to take books and open them and pretend I was reading them, I would never choose the ones with many pictures but ones with only words. My passion for reading and writing truly came to light when I was in 6th grade when I discovered the Shannara series by Terry Brooks when I was searching for a book to read to get my AR (accelerated reader) points. From that time on I've loved to read and do so every chance I get. This interest of course helps my developement in Design by expanding my imagination and concept of the world and thoughts of others.

My interests also lie in television and movies, I often find myself analyzing the design of the shows and movie trying to figure out how they did this or that or how they might have done it to make it look better.

Music is also a wonderful passion of mine, almost any kind of music is on my computer and I cycle though it quite often, it expands my mind and imagination and thoughts toward design bringing colors and images to the forefront of my mind and inspiring me to create.

Why Web Design?

I became interested in web/graphic design during the summer before my junior year in high school. After a mission trip to Fortress in Fort Worth, TX I was put in charge of making the video for the overview of the trip, it was my first experiance using anything remotely like iMovie or doing any kind of photo editing. Making the 15 minute video was the most stressful time I'd had in my life to that date and I loved every minute of it. I began to talk with my youth minister, David Scott (, who was involved in the making of such videos as well as web design and photography as well as other areas of such web and graphic design. He began to show me the basics of it all and entering my junior year I continued in my training, going into CAD (computer aided drafting) classes, but quickly found that that wasn't quite the right direction. Entering my senior year I took a graphic class that dealt in photo editing and video manipulation and quickly discovered that that was the route for me. I went to Harding because of their wonderful reputation in the department of design both graphic and web. I've learn very much so far and still have a year and a half left and in that time I expect to learn an exponential amount more.

Web and Graphic design is my passion. It's what I want to do.


I've worked with HTML and CSS for a few years now creating a fully functional website for a Youth Group as well as a few other basic sites for classes. I have experience with Flash, making a simple tutorial on how to do something to making a website that can be implimented. I've done a fair amount of work in most of the Adobe products, including Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I also have an understanding of Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word. Also I've worked with Final Cut Pro and iMovie to create various videos for Mt. Hope COC Youth Group and for a Video Productions Class. Photography has also been a big part of my education, using Nikon D40-80. I've a wide range of skills with all of these programs and equiptment, enough to use them effectively and complete projects.

Photoshop Work


Various Projects


Aug 2006Present

Web Design and Interactive Media

While at Harding I have been introduced to some amazing new progams and program languages. Beginning my freshman year I learned HTML and XHTML. As an assignment for Cyberspace Communication a partner, Jonathan Alexander, and I created a website for The McDermott Church of Christ Youth Group. From there I've taken various classes refining skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Microsoft Excel and Access. With these skills I have furthered my understanding the web and web design.

Currently I am entering my last semester at Harding, I am slated to graduate on May 8th 2010. I will be participating in my Capstone Project, creating a website for a chosen client as well as a few other classes, namely Introduction to E-Learning and Web Design and Development. These classes will sum up the rest of my time at Harding and prepare me for life in the industry of Interactive Design.

Harding has allowed me to interface with great people that understand web programming and designing and to further my skills in the same areas while also growing as an individual. I know in the next year and a half I will learn even more.


Non-Linear Editing (Final Cut Pro)
For my video productions class we were required to learn minor linear editing skills and non-linear editing skills and use them to make small videos and news clips. Our final projects was to shoot and edit our own video of some kind. Me and my partner T.C. Calvert, decided to make a music video skit. We shot all the footage ourselves on an XLR camera and edited it in Final Cut Pro, syncing it to music by Jimmy Eat World and other various artists.
C++ Programming
Just last semester I took a computer programming class and have learned the basics of Binary, ASCII, and C++ coding. We used such skills to create minor programs to play rock/paper/scissors and generate random numbers.
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
I've used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for various projects throughout my school career starting back in Highschool. I've done various assignments all involving these programs and have a firm grasp on how to use them and how to learn to further my skills in their use.
Flash CS3
I've recently taken a class covering an entire semester on Flash CS3 Professional where we went over most all the aspects of flash and used it to do various assignments, a few of which stick out, such as making a how to tutorial, a quiz site, and two or three functioning sites that could be used online. All of which was done in Flash with some barrowed code from
Web Programmer (HTML, XHTML, CSS)
I've had experience programming for the web since my freshman year at Harding. I've programmed various sites for classes all from scratch or from manipulation of free code found on the web.

Work experience

Jun 2009Jul 2009

Interactive Intern

Stone Ward Advertising

An internship that let me participate in the real world of advertising, I was responsible for designing ads and flash banners for various companies that would be put into practical use. Also we were in charge of a larger project for Bridge2Rwanda, creating a marketing campaign for them that would be placed in mega churches. I was responsible for designing the leave behind as well as a member of the over all development of the look and design of the campaign.

May 2008Aug 2008

Mill Worker

Pioneer Millworks Inc.

Assembled/Laminated/Delivered/Installed Cabinets and Counter Tops, Cut Laminate into specialized measures, Cleaned warehouse

Sep 2007Dec 2007

Resident Assistant (Harding University in Florence, Italy)

I was responsible for looking after eight other men while overseas in Florence,Italy. I made sure they were all accounted for at curfew. I was in charge of locking up the Villa that we were staying in, as well as making sure everyone got to the bus for trips and that all their luggage was accounted for.

May 2007Sep 2007

Mill Worker

Pioneer Millworks Inc.

Assembled/Laminated/Delivered/Installed Cabinets and Counter Tops, Cut Laminate into specialized measures, Cleaned warehouse

Sep 2005May 2006


B. Dalton's Bookstore

Organized/Alphabetized Shelves, Cashier, Made Special Orders, Assisted Customers, Assisted with Inventory, Cleaned Store.

Sep 2004Sep 2005

Game Advisor


Organized/Alphabetized Shelves, Advised Customers on Games and Systems, Completed Sales,                     Sold Subscriptions to Game Informer Magazine, Assisted with Inventory 3 times, Cleaned Store