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Work experience


Founder & Prinicpal Investor

SunChase Products, Inc.

Product development company tasked with the launch of patented sun-tracking technology targeted for the cruise, resort and spa industries. Currently seeking additional investment and/or outright acquisition.


Sales Management & Business Development Consultant

Tetelestai Consulting International

TCI's professional service offerings facilitate the efforts of corporate America to create and sustain a series of Durable Competitive Advantages (DCA's).  After having been successfully embedded within the enterprise at large, these DCA's will operate as critical motivating influencers for all sales, management and related staff. 

The net effect of DCA implementation over time, ceteris baribus, results in the translation of effort into ever increasing market penetration and earnings (EBITDA) growth, thereby permitting the enterprise to achieve strategic objectives pertaining to revenue, market valuation and shareholder return on investment.


General Partner, President & COO

All Cities Paving & Concrete, Inc.

Consolidated the divisional operations of two privately held corporations into a new C-corp., with combined first year revenues of 7.9M. Developed and implemented staff training & development programs, policies, and operational protocols to facilitate revenue production and internal control. 

Divested all holdings in this enterprise, while continuing to provide consulting services in all matters related to staff development, implementing efficiency & revenue optimization strategies to achieve corporate objectives.


Branch Manager


Responsible for the recruitment, training & development of a staff of over twenty five major account sales executives, network enterprise, data/global application & implementation engineers and administrative staff to support the worldwide sales, marketing and channel management of WorldCom’s generation d product suite.


B.S. Business Administration

White Papers

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è Sales Recruiting & Retention

è Sales Training

è Organizational Development

è Career Migration Planning

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Personal Interests:

Personal Interests: 

  • Enjoy Golf, Tennis and International Leisure Travel

Summary of Performance Capabilities:

Leveraged over twenty years of sales management, training & business development experience, unleashing the potential of core competencies specific to creating & sustaining competitive advantages within the marketplace by virtue of implementing functional excellence in the following areas:

·Sales Recruiting, Retention & Career Migration Planning 

·Managing Front Line Sales Staffs

·Managing Sales Managers

·Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation Methodologies

·Training in Virtual Learning Environments (VLE’s)

·Business Development Consulting

·Business Productivity & Efficiency Analysis

·Human Resources Consulting

·Performance Improvement Planning for Success

·New Business Formations – Policy Development & Implementation


Simon Bouie III

Ken Ross

Darrell Brown

Former Business Partner