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Creating video game concepts, Swing Dancing, Tennis, Fencing


To work as a composer/arranger and producer of original music for video game companies.


Weston C. Roda has a B.Sc. Major Combined in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada. A piano/keyboard artist, he has recently composed, orchestrated and produced several final recordings for the University of Victoria Computer Science Department, 167Games and Insatiable Genius: Jet Pack Laser Cat (iPad application), Jungle Glider (flash game), Caribbean Quest (online psychological research game), and Graffiti Tagger (iPhone application). Also, he has composed and arranged original compositions for Chase’s World promotional animated trailer and the children’s book “What’s Under the Sea” published by Chaser Media, LLC. Weston has worked as a recording engineer and front-of-house engineer for Global Entertainment Group and Palm Beach Orchestras on live events, voice over recordings and various musical recording sessions. A member of ASCAP, he has sold and/or licensed numerous original compositions through and AudioSparx online music libraries. Weston is proficient in midi (musical instrument digital interface) production, digital audio multi-track recording, audio file conversion and mastering. Software includes Digital Performer 7; Kontakt; East West music sampled libraries – Gold Orchestra, Symphonic Choirs and Gold Pianos; Spectrasonics – Omnisphere, Trillion, and Stylus RMX.

Work experience

May 2011Present

Music Producer, Composer, and Arranger

Insatiable Genius
  • Music for Current Untitled Project (2012- )
    • iPad app used to create a personalized comic book; music usage TBA
    • Piece(s): Superhero theme
  • Music for "Graffiti Tagger" (Fall 2011)
    • iPhone app used to create a variety of graffiti texts; music used on youTube video tutorial
    • Pieces(s): Name game
Jan 2012Present

Music Supervisor

Arts Technology Laboratories, LLC.
  • Art Education video game development project
May 2011Present

Music Producer, Composer, and Arranger

University of Victoria Computer Science Department
  • Music for "Caribbean Quest" (2011)
    • Arcade style, psychological research video game tool; music used on all menus, screens, and mini-games
    • Piece(s): Caribbean Quest main title; Caribbean Quest title loop; Overworld theme; Scuba game; Wave game; Squiditch game; Submarine game; Deli Pirate game (inst); Deli Pirate game (vocal); Store theme; Bonus game; and Win Screen music
Apr 2005Present

Music Producer, Composer, and Arranger

Global Entertainment Group, Inc.
  • Music "Little One Animation Project" (2011)
    • Cinematic game animation video presentation; music used on specific cinematic scenes
    • Piece(s): Video Game Arts music, Little One Goodnight Town theme
  • Music for "What's Under the Sea?" (2005)
    • Educational book and CD about the oceans; music used to accompany spoken text
    • Piece(s): Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean
Jun 2011Oct 2011

Music Producer, Composer, and Arranger

  • Music for "Jet Pack Laser Cat" (2011)
    • iPad app puzzle/maze game; music used on all menus, screens, and levels
    • Piece(s): Jet Pack Laser Cat Main Title, Jet Pack Laser Cat Mellow Theme (with ending), Jet Pack Laser Cat Mellow Theme (loop), Jet Pack Laser Cat Piano, Jet Pack Laser Cat Rhythm Theme
May 2010Sep 2010

Summer Research Assistant

University of Victoria Mathematics and Statistics Department

Understanding the mortality patterns of the H3N2 subtype of seasonal influenza A


Aug 2006Aug 2011

B.Sc. Major Combined Mathematics and Statistics

University of Victoria
  • relevant courses:Music, Science and Computers; Game Strategy, Interaction and Design; MTV and Pop Music in the 1980s; and Listening to Music.
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) in 2010


Pro Tools
C++ language
Java language
R language
Spectrasonics – Stylus RMX
Spectrasonics – Trillion
Spectrasonics – Omnisphere
East West Music Sampled Libraries – Gold Pianos
East West Music Sampled Libraries – Symphonic Choirs
East West Music Sampled Libraries – Gold Orchestra
MOTU Digital Performer
Microsoft Office