Alex Bernal

Alex Bernal

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2006 - Present

Student Consultant

Clemson Computing and Information Technology

  • Quickly diagnosed technical issues with laptops.
  • Solved technical problems over phone and email.
  • Administered password resets and diagnosed user account problems.
  • Fixed technical issues with laptops.
Jul 2005 - Aug 2007

Engineering Technician Aid

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center

  • Conducted a market survey of Binoculars, Scopes, and Telescopes for emergency responder applications.
  • Developed a TechNote on Illuminators for use with surveillance cameras.
  • Helped with Handheld Language Translators product testing with Las Vegas Police Department.
  • Helped prepare multiple market survey reports, product lists, and focus group reports for projects on Automated Video Surveillance (AVS) and Acoustic Surveillance Devices (ASD).
  • Helped with AVS product testing at Ft. Moultrie.
  • Helped prepare research documents on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Data Mining Solutions for release among emergency responder organizations.
  • Dealt directly with contracting agencies regarding product datasheet verification and data collection. 
May 2005 - Jul 2005

IT Support Center Intern

Motley Rice LLC, LLC

  • Used remote installation servers to quickly re-image desktop computers for new lawyers and employees.
  • Helped maintain printers.
  • Updated database of the firm’s assets including all desktop systems, printers, and laptops.
  • Helped set up wireless access points.


Aug 2004 - Present

B.S. Packaging Science

Clemson University

I am currently a senior at Clemson University pursuing a B.S. in Packaging Science with a concentration in Engineering.

For my senior design project, my group was required to design the distribution packaging for large retort pouches that hold about 3Kg of product. These pouches are intended for the replacement of the large #10 size food can in the food service industry.

Due to the composition of the pouches, which included cast polypropylene (CPP), they did not perform well in cold conditions. These pouches could not sustain a drop from a significant height. One of the major challenges was developing a corrugated container that could hold four of these pouches and protect them adequately for drops of significant height. I was able to design a cushioning and insert system that more than doubled the critical drop height of the package.