Wayne Walcott

Wayne Walcott


Accomplished IT professional possessing a blend of process, development and technical support management with over 25 yrs experience providing solutions in a dynamic and demanding environment.Adept at utilizing available resources to accomplish goals.Effectively interfaces and communicates with all levels of professionals.

Process Management

Expert in development, implementation and improvements in system and business processes utilizing process flow analysis, documentation, communication and training.Adept at building stability into a process, and identifying potential improvements once stabilized.Promote consistent documentation with proper document controls and availability.Enforce HIPAA / HIPPA compliance regarding information privacy when data may contain confidential information.

Crisis Management

Spearheaded resolution of critical operational issues by identifying affected areas, coordinating available resources and quickly creating a plan to deal with the situation.Proactively communicate with affected groups and upper management, providing up-to-date information and acting as the focal point for inter-operational efforts.Once problem resolution achieved, perform review of cause and resolution process to build “best practices” knowledge.

Analysis / Problem Solving

Consistently involved in analyzing, isolating and resolving computing related issues.Evaluate situational needs and requirements to determine options and select best to implement.Analyze historical data to identify trends.Review results from attempted solutions to determine “next steps” if required.

Effective Customer Support

Dedicated to delivering consistent world class service and solutions by paying attention to the user community, with the goal of giving them what they need to do their job well.“Communication and listening are key elements to having satisfied users, pay attention to the details”.


2002 - Present

Masters in Project Management

George Washington University