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Wayne Clifford Barker

Cloud Application Architect


My name is Wayne and I am a husband and proud father. I am really passionate about engineering software the correct way.

I have 20+ years’ experience working mainly on back end systems.scattered over various industries; Financial, E-commerce, Network marketing & Direct selling, Administration and E-Learning systems. 

I currently hold the position of cloud application architect on one of the 4 teams within Assima. The responsibility of my role as cloud application architect is for the security, SOA infrastructure and deployment of a cloud-based product. I am also the scrum master of a team of 9 software developers, software testers and system administrators.

Although I have held a few large positions I am a techy by heart.

Before Assima I was the Co-Founder of Netready Software and the innovative Oracle media company.

Being a leader is definitely one of my skills as I have always found myself in leadership positions and  have the proven ability to lead project teams from start to finish to deliver business critical solutions.

Work experience


Cloud Application Architect, Team Lead & Scrum Master


Responsible for the current and future architecture of the entire product relating to security, performance, infrastructure & deployment. Identification of future technologies and the guiding of the system design with-in R & D.

I serve on architect advisory relating to the Vimago product.

My responsibilities:
Architect role.
- Architect the components, security, communication and infrastructures and hosting options relating to the product.
- Considering risk and planning for it.
- Project planning based on the architecture deliverables.
- Producing of PoC to validate future architecture options.
- Recommendation of hardware and infrastructure.

Scrum Master role.
- Planning sprints
- Work assignment
- Tracking deliverables
- Alleviating of impediments
- Ensuring delivery

Developer role.
- Implementation \ managing of the security implementation within the product.
- Maintenance of the identity provider.
- Maintenance of the WCF communication infrastructure.
- Code reviews
- Investigating performance issues.

Hosting services used:

  • Azure
  • IBM Softlayer

Applications used:

  • Archi
  • Burp suite
  • TFS
  • Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise

Technologies used.

  • C#
  • .Net & .Net Core
  • SQL Server
  • Rabbit MQ
  • WCF
  • IIS
  • NginX
  • Docker
  • Grifana

Technology Architect / Technical Lead


As a Technology Architect Technical lead of the Core Team, my currently focus is working on the backend system of a large Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) cloud based application, Vimago. As of last count the system consists out of 4 websites and 92 micro WCF services.

My time is split 30/70 between the two roles with the team lead role taking most of my attention.

Key Responsibilities:

• Identifying volatilities from client requirements and design systems that contain these volatilities.

• Create and maintain architecture design artifacts.

• Extrapolate a project plan from designed artifacts.

• Guide developers through the architectural design and ensure that the required coding standards are met.

• Collaborate with architects from other teams to obtain a high level overview of current projects to predict potential risks or impacts on the architectural design.

• Monitor, design and enhance the cross cutting concerns of the distributed applications in terms of security, diagnostics, auditing and fault logging.

• Mentor, educate team members. Enforcing standards for design and implementation.

• Responsible for seeing the team project through and ensuring the designed feature delivers the desired business value.

In this role I used Archi & Power point to document our architecture documentation. Source code was developed using C#, WCF, MSMQ, RabbitMQ, SQL Server. .

MSMQ and RabbitMQ was used for long running processes and for a message bus to communicate instructions between the distributed components of the system. MSMQ was removed due to its limitations in performance and stability

My team developed a custom Identity Management system also known as a STS and we implemented the WS-Federation and SAML2 standards and by extension we became responsible for all infrastructure level security.

My team was also responsible for designing and developing the WCF policy driven infrastructure on which all the services for the organisation runs.



Oracle Media (formerly known as NW Barker)

Co Founded NW Barker with my brother Neil Barker. NW Barker specialized at the time in Slide Show advertising.

My brother Neil has since taken it over completely allowing me to focus on my career.



Barker Software 2009/127936/23 TA BarkerCorp

Established my own small consulting services company after selling my shares in NetReady Software. Barker Software is currently inactive. 


Chief Technical Officer

Netready Software

50% Share holder and CTO of the startup Netready software.

Responsible for the technical guidance and decisions of the company. Also responsible for the day to day running of the R & D department and their internal and delivery processes.

In the beginning stages of the company I was responsible for the architecture and design of system.

We adopted an agile approach in R & D to be able to respond to client requests which has specific SLA response times.

Within R & D we used the following technologies.

  • VB.Net 
  • C#
  • SQL Server 2000 - 2008
  • IIS
  • Stylecop was used to keep the code in a maintainable state.
  • Visual Source Safe
  • Windows Services

The R & D team consisted out of 4 developers and 2 manual testers.

Sold my shares and decided to move on due to short term financial reasons within the company.


Technical Leader / Team Lead

Integrity Software

Team Leader at Integrity Software(formerly known as Paywise Software Products) (3 years 7 months) Started at Integrity Software in 1999 as a Delphi developer and was promoted on 1 April 2001

We used Delphi 3 - 5 with Paradox, Interbase and Firebird to the develop the payroll system.

At the time there was no source control  or bug tracking mechanism in place and maintaining code between developers was a bit of a nightmare in a response to that I developed BugInfo in my spare time which was a a software system to track bugs and the related source code files similar to today's TFS system.


Junior Delphi

Cummings Software T/A Eduware
Junior Delphi developer June 1999(1 year 9 months) Was originally employed as a part time web developer, 2 months into the job i was promoted to Junior delphi developer where I worked with 2 other Senior Delphi developers in Delphi 2&3 with paradox. The products that I worked on was for Schools and Colleges.



Certificate High School matric

Andrew Rabie

Diploma in PC Engineering


Certificate TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 & 2


Note that the course was attended but certification was attained 


Certificate in Java Server Pages & Oracle

Dakota Training College

Certificate in Delphi & Oracle

Dakota Training College

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