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To provide the best outcome for your business through local bus bench advertisement.

About Us

Waverly Media and its subsidiaries have been in the business of creating and distributing bench ads for over 20 years, providing quality branding services at an affordable price. Our Florida branding service is second to none, and our experience ensures that your bench ads are effectively crafted and placed in the ideal locations for your company.

We employ a team of designers that know exactly how to create bench signs that make an impact, choosing colors and designs that get noticed. We make sure that each one is then placed in the right location, and we back up our services with outstanding customer support.


The most important part of bench advertising is placement. There are several important considerations to be made when you choose your benches:

  • The AADT, or "Average Amount of Daily Traffic."
  • The speed limit (amount of time your ad will be seen)
  • Proximity to a traffic light, or popular intersection
  • The demographics of the area you're targeting.

You want as many people to see your bench advertisement as possible, but you'll also want to make sure that those that see your ad have the potential to become customers.

Why Bench Advertisement?

Bench advertising is simply the best way to get local visibility at a cost that will not hurt your budget. Unlike traditional billboards, bench advertising is easily visible, can be viewed for longer, and doesn't require excellent vision. It's accessible to pedestrians, bikers, and drivers, and it provides you with more space to place any information relevant to consumers. Bench advertisements receive:

  • More time than newspaper ads.
  • More local views than internet marketing.
  • More targeting than television ads.
  • More attention than local radio.

This type of brand marketing in Florida receives more relevant local views for a longer period of time than nearly any other type of marketing tactic, and it provides all of those benefits at a fraction of the cost, with potentially tens of thousands of views every day starting at less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Bench Ads versus Other Media