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I was born in 1985 March. I spent an ordinary childhood with a loving family in Seoul, South Korea. I got my early educations and went school up to grade 8 in Seoul.

When I finished my middle school in Korea, a big change happened. In January 2000, I went to Ontario, Canada to study abroad. I graduated from Twin Lakes high school which was in a small city called Orillia. Throughout my highschool years in Canada, I was most interested in music, winter sports and snowdays. Moving to Canada was a really big change for me. Sometimes it was hard to be away from my family and home, but I loved the life in Canada. I was very fortunate to meet a Canadian family who treated me as if I was their son.

After my high school graduation, I came to Philadelphia to study in Temple University. I started my freshman year with business major, but changed to BTMM in the next year. I was very interested in digital audio and I had to follow my heart. In the year 2006 (after 2 years of university), I took a break and joined Korean army for 2 years. I retired in June 2008, and came back to Temple University to finish the education.


To obtain a position where I can apply my educational background and improve the skills in the field of media.

Work experience

Jul 2005Aug 2005


Vision Camera Production

Assisted video recording for television production.



Pro Tools
Fluent in Korean