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Waseem Shaaban

Automation software developer


Industrial automation professional with combined 9 years of experience in programming process control, safety, and material handling PLC based control systems and HMI applications. Project experience includes site survey, electrical design, PLC software programming, custom MS windows application development, factory acceptance  testing, onsite testing and commissioning. participated in many successful projects with varying scopes and responsibilities.



Diploma in Mechatronics

Information Technology Institute, Cairo, Egypt

B.Sc in Nuclear Engineering

Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.

Work History

Jul 2013Present

Automation software engineer

  • provide continuous development of machine PLC and HMI software for heavy duty laundry washing and drying equipment
  • program custom-designed material handling systems comprising conveyors, lifts, and other equipment using  B&R PLC 
  • customize a .NET PC visualization of production data for optimum supervision and control of the material handling system
  • develop and commission numerous  data interfaces between the material handling system and 3rd party equipment and displays  utilizing multiple communication protocols.
  • implement Transact SQL DB scripts and stored procedures to generate production reports from a MS SQL DB.
  • provide onsite training for customer staff. 
  • provide outstanding customer support during maintenance, system outage. Both onsite and remotely
  • assist sales team in quotes preparation

Safety systems application engineer

Invensys Process Systems(currently Schneider)
  • prepare design specifications documents from tender documents
  • develop emergency shutdown and critical control PLC software for numerous greenfield Oil&Gas and Petrochemical plants as well as upgrading obsolete control systems . Carrying out projects on time and within budget hours
  •  carry out systems factory acceptance testing and site acceptance testing to ensure meeting customer expectations. 
  • carry out system commissioning and start up support, as vendor representative, earning high customer satisfaction.

Experience details

  • prepare design specifications documents from customer specifications and/or tender documents
  • assist in preparing project time and budget estimates
  • program PLC based safety systems in compliance with IEC 61131 standard
  • program PLC based industrial material handling systems controlling Lifts, conveyors, automatic shuttles with direct on line AC motor controls and variable frequency drives.
  • develop Human Machine Interface interactive graphics using Visual Studio and other proprietary tools.
  • design and troubleshoot industrial Ethernet networks for machines and industrial PCs communications
  • develop database SQL scripts for data mining 
  • update and modify controls wiring schematics
  • develop data interfaces to 3rd party automation systems, equipment,  and supervisory HMI
  • manage small teams of software developers and hardware designers
  • perform acceptance testing (in factory and onsite).
  • commission systems for new installations and support expansion and upgrades to up and running plants.


  • develop machine PLC software using the following languages:
    • function block diagram,
    • structured text.

      while applying OOP principles to create a well managed, extensible and      documented code

  • configure and interface with MS SQL database for visualization and storage of production data.
  • generate production data reports from a MS SQL DB
  • design Human machine interface applications for machine controls and monitoring
  • designing and implementing mid level .NET GUIs in C#  and VisualBasic using Visual Studio for machine interfacing and simulation
  • develop safety systems requirement documentation such as Cause & Effect and safety narratives.
  • implement safety applications for emergency shutdown and critical control
PLC and hardware
  • Schneider (formerly Invensys) Triconex PLC family for safety applications
  • Process graphics using Intouch wonderware HMI applications for process control.
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix
  • Phoenix Contact ILC 170, 350, 390
  • B&R X20 series of CPU, and IO  for material handling, motor controls, interfacing to MS SQL Database, TCP/IP communications to 3rd party 
  • B&R P84 Acopos drives
  • B&R SL8100 SafePLC 

Tristation 1131, Wonderware Intouch, MS SQL Server, Visual Studio .Net, Automation Studio, SAFEDesigner, Automation Worx, PC Worx, Control Logix 5000, TCP/IP, LabView, MatLab, XML, MS SQL Server, PC Worx, OPC, PowerLink,