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John Carroll University - Undergraduate- Graduate


Warren Lasch, the Vice Chairman of Precision Motor Transport Group, LLC and a native of Ohio, has always been an industrious hard worker. From his early jobs as a paperboy and clerk to his professional positions in the Leaseway Transportation Corporation and The Hertz Corporation, Warren Lasch has continually climbed corporate ladders. In 1991, after helping to found Robin Transport, Inc., Warren Lasch had a novel idea regarding the transportation industry. He subsequently founded Bavarian Motor Transport, Inc. to serve BMW dealerships located throughout the interior of the United States. Lasch’s plan was profoundly simple and effective: devise a system of transportation for automobiles applicable to contract carriers at the port of delivery that could ensure damage-free delivery.

Under Mr. Lasch’s direction, Bavarian Motor Transport, Inc. earned the distinction of “Carrier of the Year” two years in a row for damage-free delivery of BMWs. Warren Lasch’s success with transporting BMWs through Bavarian Motor Transport, Inc. inspired him to adapt a similar process to Mercedes-Benzes. Under the auspices of Tri-Star Transport, Inc., another company he founded for the express purpose of automobile transport, Warren Lasch achieved similar successes, and both companies received ISO 9002 registration. The notion of fully enclosed automobile transport was so impressive that Bavarian Motor Transport, Inc. received contracts to move the Presidential limousines and the so-called “Pope Mobiles” of the Vatican that the Pontiff uses for transport.

Precision Motor Transport Group, LLC acquired Warren Lasch’s companies as wholly owned subsidiaries five years ago. Between 1992 and 2008, with Warren Lasch as President of Precision Motor Transport Group, LLC, revenues skyrocketed from USD $3.2M to USD $70.2M. Today, Warren Lasch has sold his majority stake in Precision Motor Transport Group, LLC and now acts as the company’s Vice Chairman on its Board of Directors. Warren Lasch is a resident of South Carolina, and he has received that state’s highest civilian award, the Order of the Palmetto.

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