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About Warren

Add up the raw data - solo performance, participation in multiple bands, invitations to sit in with friends' bands, and studio sessions - it's fair to conclude that Warren Haynes is among the hardest working performers in music today.

But for the 23rd greatest guitarist of all time (as determined by Rolling Stone Magazine), and seven-time Grammy nominee, music doesn't feel like hard work. Haynes is just doing what he loves, being what he is. He's a man who loves music. Everything about it, really: creating it, playing it, singing it, experiencing it, appreciating it, sharing it.

"Musicians are the biggest fans," he says. "That's why they become musicians in the first place."

This love of music has led Haynes to some extraordinary collaborations that have defied the laws of genre labeling and propelled his reputation far beyond the notorious boundaries of jamband scene quarantine.

For example, Haynes co-wrote Garth Brooks' No.1 single, "Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House," which stayed on the charts for twenty weeks. He was the only guest musician at Dave Matthews Band's high-profile Central Park Concert. He appeared on fellow singer/songwriter Everlast's second post-House of Pain solo album, "Eat at Whitey's". And he compelled metal icon Jason Newsted and hip-hop country boy Kid Rock to join him on stage, AT THE SAME TIME!

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