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I had been involved in multiple school plays in my elementary and middle school years, and I am currently involved in my high school choir. I am now receiving honors credit on my choir class and I have auditioned and had the opportunity to sing multiple solo's. I have learned to read music over time and I have a very good vocal range. I love singing and I love music because you are able to express yourself when you sing and music can get anyone through any situation. If I ever received the opportunity to sing in college I would because it is an opportunity I would love to experience. 
I have ran and been involved in my high school cross country team for all my years at Valhalla. I am a good runner because I know how to pace myself and I have had many years of experience. I do not plan on running on a college level cross country team, however I will always be a runner at heart and I will forever be doing it in my spare time. 

Work experience

May 2014Sep 2014

Culinary Ops Supervisor

SeaWorld San Diego

I worked over the summer of 2014 as a seasonal worker at Sea World San Diego in the Culinary Department. I was responsible for producing snacks and beverages from churros to slushies at multiple carts and restaurants throughout Sea World park. I was also held accountable for working cash registers and signing for products as they were delivered.  


Paul Infantino

Valhalla High School Vocal Music Teacher


Valhalla High School

12th Grade: 

Senior English; Economics/Government; Honors Choir; On Your Own; Physiology

11th Grade:

AP English; U.S History; Algebra 2; Chemistry; Honors Choir; Spanish (2nd year)

10th grade:

College Prep English; World History; Geometry; Biology; Spanish (1st year); Advanced Choir

9th Grade:

Honors English; Pre AP History; Algebra 1; Life Science; P.E; Art 1