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Oct 2013Present


Oct 2013Present



Currently Working as “Telecom Engineer” on Ericsson Managed Services STC(Saudi Telecom) in Seder Group APD Telecom

Surveillance of centralized network of Saudi Telecom 2G, 3G and recentlydeployed LTE, the 4th Generation.Monitor and manage 2G,3G,LTE.the 4th generation network alarm event.Responsible for the CM & PM reports.Handle the Minor,Critical & Major incidents/outages 2G,3G,LTE.the 4th generation network of STCActive monitoring of the 2G,3G,LTE.the 4th generation network for Ericsson nodes of Saudi Telecom(RBS series 2000,3000,6000).With effective trouble-shooting.Ericsson’s common traffic platform, the SIU, for all (2G,3G & 4G).Making scripts for 3G (Up to 3rd carrier) & LTE for integration purpose.Working with Ericsson RBS 6000 series i.e. RBS6201. Installing, replacing DUG10,DUG20, RUG, RUS cards, DUW30, RUW and DUL, RRU.Proactively conducting PMs & health Checks of deployed Network Elements, alsoEmergency Handling using Ericsson Standard Procedure.Efficient handling of Planned Activity Requests for Cutovers, Re homing of RBSs,Expansions/enhancement Coverage by changing Tilts of RF Antennae &/or Capacity ofRBSs by adding dTRU/RUG/RUS/RUW and changing IDBs according to situation ,performing all those activities involving outages, during Maintenance Windows providedby the valuable customer.Successfully upgrading & saving backup of Transmission node and RBS 3000 &/orRBS6000, Ericsson Family latest released SW.Trouble shooting Radios and Modems in case of any operational problem or degradedRSL. Also, identifying LOS problem.Handling IPRAN sites, issues which includes configuring SFP’s, LAN ports, switch ports,WAN ports and creating VLANS, Packets, bridges for traffic and O&M.Performed 3 carrier configuration in NodeB at P7, W10 & W11A SW Level and gavetechnical support to Customer for integration, up gradation and troubleshooting activities.Start-up of DCN network for TN, Hi-Caps and restoring of PPPs link.

Jun 2008Oct 2013

Front Office/Back Office BSS Technical Specialist +Field Maintenance BSS/TXN Specialist

Ericsson Pakistan

Worked as "Front Office/Back Office BSS Technical Specialist +Field Maintenance BSS/TXN Specialist"On Al-Warid Telecom Project.

(Since from Nov 2010 to Oct,2013)(In O & M Department at Lahore)

Surveillance of centralizednetwork nodes alarms, outages, escalation, trouble shooting and their rectification to some extent.

Monitor and manage 2Gnetwork alarm event.

Nationwide BSS network. 

Identifying recurring issues in the BSS network, taking follow up of problematic sites & provide support for permanent resolution of such issues.

Escalation and notification of Minor, Critical and Major incidents/outages.

 Active monitoring of the BSS network for Ericsson nodes of Warid Telecom (RBS series 2000).With effective trouble-shooting.

 Perform initial analysis to identify issues follow by restoration if possible (1st line of Support).

Escalating to Second Level Maintenance (SLM) groups for fault rectification.

Management of the cell sites of the complete network like cell restrictions/Halting, Faults rectification and critical alarm handling.

Managing the record of each fault by using Trouble Ticketing system.

Surveillance of Ericsson BTS External and Internal Alarms through Citrix Server.

Implementation of PARs like Addition of new sites, Neighbor addition, half/full rate implementation, Change of RF optimization and BSS parameters.

Escalation of the down sites to the field maintenance engineers for rectification.

External alarms (like Mains Failure and High temperature alarms on sites) and Internal.

Alarms (like VSWR limits exceeded etc.) escalation to field maintenance engineers.

 Prepare the logs of all sites which get down and the outage reports of these sites on daily basis.

Preparation of daily & weekly Basis BTS outage reports.

Re-Homing, Swap & Expansion activities of Sites.

Call testing with the Implementation & FM teams.

Prove System/Application outage restoration including 1st / 2nd level fault restoration Technical Support to FM team for expansion and Troubleshooting.

Coordination with the “Back Office” for the second level resolution of the alarms.

Coordination with different departments e.g. Tsg.TRX, LDI& Wateen DWDM NOC etc. for the rectification of the media related alarms.

Coordination for all network activities like software/hardware upgrades, troubleshooting and expansion of BTS, BSCs and MSCs.

Determining the exact reason for degradation of BSC Stats and taking required action so that KPI Degradations of Network are avoided.

Perform Preventive maintenance routines (PMR) of all the CORE nodes in the regional office its health checks and its preventive maintenance on routine basis.

Worked as BSS & TXN Engineer’’ 

With Managed Services Operations Ericsson Pakistan onAl-Warid Telecom (Pvt) Project.

(In O & M Department at Islamabad)(From Jun 2008 to Nov 2010)

Responsible for Integration of Cell sites & PAT of Cell sites.

Responsible for the CM & PM reports.

Responsible for the Operational cell sites of Al-Warid Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. In the Operation Department (Ericsson Pakistan)

Co-ordination with NOC Front office and Back office for the Optimization issues and system outages.

Co-ordination with Back office Tsg.TRX for Transmissions Nodes

Trouble shooting of RBS faults.

Installation and Alignment of the Minilink Classic links using MSM software.

Installation and Alignment of Minilink Traffic Links using Erblan USB LAN software by Belcarra Technologies.

Rectifies the faults of sites (RBS) using OMT Software.

Sweep Test using Anritsu Site Master.

Defining External Alarms.

Rectification of the cell sites.

Rectification of Optimization Issues of RBS series 2206, 2207, 2106, 2107, 2116/2116GSM 900, 1800.2306,2111 etc.

Integration of the cell sites for both 900/1800 GSM.

Worked on Ericsson & Other Transmission Equipment (For Al-Warid Telecom (Pvt) Ltd.)

End to End E1 Routing.

Traffic Routing. 2P, 6P, 20P and NPU 1B, NPU 2B, NPU 3, up to Release 3.

Configurations of PDH Cards of TN Such as MMU 2B, MMU 4-8, MMU 4-34, MMU 2C.

Configurations of SDH Cards such as 2E, 2F, LTU, s on Optical Interface

Traffic Routing for BTS Sites and Visibility of Nodes using ML CRAFT and Ericssson USB Lane Software’s.

Software Upgrade of Nodes and Modules using BPFTP server as a Tool. Cut-over Low Capacity to High Capacity for Transmission Upgrades.

Trouble Shooting the Faults of TN and various Units of TN.

AMM (2p, 6p, 20p) Trouble shooting, installation and configuration.

Responsible for Installation of Floor Plan.

DC Handling (Cable Layout & Connection on both ends).

NERA Transmission

HC Transmission

DXX Transmission

DWDM Transmission

Worked on Power Systems AC/DC Operational Cell Sites 

Deferent Rectifiers Durus, optima, Actura power systems of Emerson Networks etc.

Handle the issues of BBS related etc.

Jun 2006Apr 2008

Worked as “OSP & OFC Engineer”

(Sachal Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. Islamabad)

Ø  Supervision of the Laying of OFC.

Ø  Responsible of the Splicing of OFC.

Ø  Termination of OFC ODF.

Ø  Splicing of OFC with Fuji Kura 50s, 60s.

Ø  Testing of OFC with OTDR Acterna MTS, 8000.

Ø  ODF to ODF testing with OTDR Acterna MTS, 8000.

Ø  Power Test with Power Meter EXPO-FOT, 920.

Ø  Using different dynamic wavelength ranges to testing OFC with OTDR on 1550nm/1625nm.

Ø  Solving the Problems of OFC Pressures.

Ø  Supervision of Optical levels for Optical Transmission. (DWDM, BWS,Optix OSN3500 etc. 

Ø  Perform the power test with Power meter on dynamic ranges 1625nm/1550nm wavelength.


Diploma of Associate Engineer in Electronics Technology

From Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore

Bacholar of Technology, Electronics Engineering

PIMSAT(Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology Karachi)
Jun 2003Present


From B.I.S.E. Lahore in 2003
Dec 2006Present


From FCI (Frontier cable Industries Pakistan)

Technical / Other Expertise

From FCI (Frontier cable Industries Pakistan) In Deferent Categories of OFC

Understanding Optical Fiber & Optical Fiber Cables

Optical Fiber Cable Testing

Optical Fiber Cable Jointing & Installation

Laying Optical Fiber Cable & Infrastructure

Good Knowledge about the SDH,PDH,MDF,DDF

Ericsson Based GSM Trainings

GSM Network Overview/GSM900/1800/GSM System Architecture

Integration of RBS Series 2206, 2207, 2106, 2107, 2116/2116 .2306,2111GSM 900,    GSM1800

Ericsson Transmissions (Configurations of PDH Cards of TN Such as MMU 2B, MMU 4-8, MMU 4-34, MMU 2C ,Minilink Classic links)

Mar 2006May 2006

Three Month Certified in OFS(Optical Fiber Transmission System and Cable Jointing)

From Telecom Foundation Islamabad

 GPA: 78 %( 2006/1)

Mar 2005May 2005

Three Month Certified in WLL(Wireless Local Loop)

From Telecom Foundation Islamabad

GPA: 75 %( 2005/1)



Ericsson Pakistan

MSDP-ONE FM Read-write user

Ericsson Pakistan


Ericsson Pakistan

MSDP-WFM-Local Administrator

Ericsson Pakistan

MSDP-Way of Working

Ericsson Pakistan

MSDP-WFM Dispatcher

Ericsson Pakistan

MSDP-NOC Adminstrator

Ericsson Pakistan
Jun 2008Jul 2013

Honors & Awards

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