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Work experience


Founder, Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Harmony Chinese Medicine - Orlando, FL

Served over 10,000 patients in the greater Orlando area.

Established, managed, and operated two acupuncture clinics simultaneously in both Jacksonville and Orlando to serve a widening client base.


Founder, Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Lotus Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine - Jacksonville, FL

Specialized in integrating skills and experience in acupuncture with auricular therapy, Tai Chi Chuan exercises and Qi Gong to rebalance the body, thereby aiding the natural healing process and restoring lost vitality, as well as assisting in pain management.

Prescribed custom tailored herbal medicines with acupuncture treatments to help patients manage chronic health conditions.


Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Self Employed - Jacksonville, FL


Aug 1998Jun 2001

Bachelor of Professional Health Studies, Master of Oriental Medicine

National College of Oriental Medicine

Graduated with 3.6 GPA
1788 Classroom Hours
1057 Intern Hours of hands on experience logged


Acupuncture Physician License Number: AP1637

NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) Certificate Number: 017716     

Continuing Education

DateCourse NameCredits
October 12, 2002Homeopathy for Acupuncturists7
June 14, 2003TCM Orthopedics/Fracture/Trauma Injuries6
June 21, 2003Tumor/Cancer Treatment by Scalp Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine8
June 28, 2003Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease wth Herbal Medicine8
August 31, 2003Chinese Qigong Needling Techniques8
October 26, 2003Imaging Findings3
October 26, 2003Interpretation of Lab Reports5
October 26, 2003FL Law & Regulations2
October 26, 2003End of Life Issues2
October 26, 2003Medical Errors2
April 4, 2004Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain4
April 4, 2004Laws and Rules of the Board2
April 20, 2004Understanding the Psychiatric Client1
August 7, 2004Deepening Your Clinical Practice with Chinese
August 7, 2004Formulas in the Treatment of Pain syndrome7
November 10, 2004Herbal medicine for female problems1
May 1, 2005Correspondence Course, Aids2
May 1, 2005Medical Errors and Generation Information on2
May 1, 2005Malpractice4
February 12, 2006Clinical use of Chinese Herbs to treat cancer12
April 9, 2006Master Tung’s magic points: A comprehensive study14.4
November 19, 2006Spring forest qigong level 37
December 3, 2006Treating internal disorders8
February 5, 2007Tension point therapy4
February 5, 2007A TCM approach for diagnosis and treatment of gallbladder diseases4
February 25, 2007Clinical research and development of pain and analgesia2
July 22, 2007Laws and rules2
July 22, 2007Medical error2
July 22, 2007Menopausal transition & HRT3
August 19, 2007MRI & imaging5
March 2, 2008Laboratory study2
May 11, 2008Laws and rules3
May 11, 2008Mammography: breast cancer4
July 27, 2008Chinese Herbal Medicine: quality control and management7
November 2, 2008TCM treatment of infertility and other common GYB diseases5
November 2, 2008Clinical applications of laboratory testing2
December 11, 2008Medical errors8
December 12, 2008The acupuncture anti-aging/regenerative therapy conference8
March 8, 2009Neck pain: diagnosis and treatment in TCM4
February 17, 2010Low back pain: diagnosis and treatment in TCM4
September 6, 2010CPR24
February 13, 2011Diagnosis Techniques of Auricular Medicine Course2
May 15, 2011Medical Errors2
June 5, 2011Manual Therapy and Acupuncture Treatment for shoulder Pain, Hip and Knee Pain8
August 28, 2011Balance Method: Dr. Tan’s Approach to Treating Female Disorders2
August 28, 2011Acupuncture Laws and Rules2
August 28, 2011Acupuncture Treatment of Abstinence Syndrome3
December 12, 2011Acupoint Injection: A valuable Protocol in Acupuncture Practice24
March 4, 2012Auricular Medicine 1 & 22
March 17, 2012How to improve communication skill with patients to decrease medical errors7
March 18, 2012Treating Zang-Fu Disorders with Meridian-Conversion Therapy7
April 30, 2012Balancing the Five Elements24
June 10, 2012Auricular Medicine 3 & 47
July 30, 2012Acupuncture Needling skills and Their Clinical Applications24
October 22, 2012Auricular Medicine 5 & 624
February 17, 2013Auricular Medicine 7 & 82
April 7, 2013Florida Acupuncture Law and Rules7
July 21, 2013Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes in TCM and Western Medicine5
March 9, 2014The Western Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Skin Conditions2
April 28, 2014The Ethics of Managing Risks in an Acupuncture Practice32
June 1, 2014Auricular Medicine V & VI7
December 7, 2014Treatment for Common GI Problems24
December 8, 2014Diagnosis and treating methods in Auricular Medicine VII & VIII8
March 14, 2015Updates of Florida Laws and Rules on Acupuncture2
March 15, 2015Advanced Acupuncture Techniques7