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Walter Personally

I'm a very mature young male who likes to have fun, and make the people around me have fun, I love food, cocktails, bartending, a nice night out, meeting new colleagues and friends.

In addition, I love to express myself creatively in all possible ways (especially in the bar) - I'm into music , I do play a bit of guitar! Bartending is a hobby and a job for me I love being behind the bar, meeting new people the 

I like to see my friends, I'm a very loyal person, that hates to fail people.

I am currently employed at Peder Oxes Kælder as the Bar leader.
I am hard working and a quick learner. I am always ready to stand in and I always strive to do my best . I can work long tough shifts stand up entire days without complaints.


Aug 2013Jun 2014

10th grade

Højer Design Efterskole

I took a year at a design school in Hoejer, located in southern Jutland, which has been a really good experience for me. First, professional and partly socially and it has also matured me a lot.

Work experience

Jan 2010Jun 2014

Customer service and store managing

Børneværelse Medusigt

I worked sorting and cleaning in the warehouse, as well as to serve customers with whatever they needed help with.

Kiin Kiin - Chef apprentice - Michelin


Kiin Kiin - Cook

Kiin kiin

I worked as an apprentice chef got a good insight into the Thai kitchen and learned a lot through this. 

The Red Cottage -chef apprentice - Michelin 


Den Røde Cottage

Restaurant - The Red Cottage

I worked as an apprentice chef at a great welcoming team where I learned a lot about food how to "prep" it and in the gastronomic world. I gained a lot of knowledge that I never would've gotten anywhere else

Rungstedgaard- chef apprentice

6/1/2016 7/7/2016


Restaurant, Hotel, Academy.

I have worked here as an apprentice chef, and learned how to work quickly and effectively and how to help each other in a team to serve food for many people, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience from here. Learned how to treat guests and how to deal with stressfull situations that may occur

Tholstrup Catering. Pigen og Sømanden - Peder Oxes Kælder 

Pigen og Sømanden

I was employed here as a waiter for 2 months before they had to close the restaurant got a great view of service, and how to have your guests leave happy. Were the tholstrup group was happy with my performance, enthusiam, passion, and how I worked hard every shift. So they promoted me. To work at their bar as 1st bartender.

Peder Oxes Kælder 

As 1st bartender since there was no leader at the time I got the responsibility of the leader. Were I would end up managing Shifts, a lot of accountants, menu making, general managing of the Bar. I quickly rose to leader position as I was producing high numbers and happy reviews.