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Work experience

Jun 2006Oct 2008

Customer Assistant

The Roxxorz


Aug 2006May 2009

Missouri State University


Extremely hard worker, I raised my self estentially from the time I was 12, I was always told I would never become anything, had little to no teaching or guidance, rarely attended school and was told I had a learning disablity. In high school I worked hard and managed to get good grades but was extremely bored, and had no idea where I was going in life, One day a teacher told me I wrote interesting stories even though my grammar was awful because no one had ever taken the time to teach me or care, I loved writing and telling stories and how other people enjoyed it, I had virtually no chance of getting into college at that point though. My lack of home support caused me to drop out of high school, but I figured out that I wanted to be a writer. I immidiately got my G.E.D, scorring so high I received college scholarships. Right out the gate I went to the difficult Missouri State University, barely able to spell. I got a .9 my first semester because I didnt have half the education the other kids did, and  I had no idea how to study. I worked hard and learned, and now I am close to having my degree and I have been getting a 3.0 in my major degree feild, and am often considered one of the most creative students at the college. Now I have sold everything I own and moved in with my Aunt in LA to pursue my career. I will work as hard as I can to make my dreams come true and wont let anything stop me.


Writing of all kinds, Athletics and physical fitness, politics 


Physical fitness
Physical fitness expert, 16 years of compitive sports, 13 hours of college training, countless hours in research, fitness coach for martials school, national competitor in grappling
Extremely good with computers, from all MSO programs to various others, 3 credits of training in high school, 3 hrs on class in college, countless hours of self interest training, formerly high level compitor in online gaming, worked with helping customers use computers at gaming job, some programing skills