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Thank you so much for taking the time to read over my resume. i appreciate it very much. i am very hopeful to hear back from you seeking possible employment for your institute. i believe i  could be exactly what you are looking for as in terms of an employee.

- If interested I can be reach at: (714) 555-6713.(cell phone) or [email protected] (personal email)

thank you once again for your time and consideration.


                                      Jessica Callaghan


While i am still attending college i wish to have a part time/ full time job, to help further my interests into the nursing field. i am a very bright student and a quick learner. i handle every job i get efficiently and accomplish every task early or on time with full effort. my ultimate goal to be a high ranking surgical nurse, saving people's lives and making a difference in the world.

Work experience

Mar 2010Present


My Place

I have worked at My Pace for almost 1 year there, and i must say what a great experience it has been. i have learned so much. I enteract with so many customers every single day, I lean how to deal with every day problems and over all i learn how to become a better person to work with others. this job has given me patience, understanding and gratitude for the things i have. i work very hard at my job and it shows; whenever there is a problems and the younger or newer girls need help, most often they wll come to me because i am very good at my job.

my duties as  ahostess at My place are as follwed:

  • Greeting the guest
  • Taking their food order
  • Exchanging money; cashier
  • Bringing the food to the table
  • Any help the customers need
  • Helping my fellow co-workers
  • Dealing with customer complaints
  • Providing excellent service to all the customers
Aug 2010Present


On The Rocks

On the Rocks is an incredible place to work, i absolutely love it! I am the face the customers first see when they walk in, i give them a  very friendly  "On The Rocks" hello. i may have a little chat with the customers showing them our friendly family service. i sit them down, give them menu's and tell them about our specials. then i alert their waiter/waitress of their new table. Every day i get to meet all kinds of new people, and i get to interact with all different kinds of situations.


Aug 2006Present

Marina High school

While attending Marina HS, I furthered my education in all the required fields, i excelled in world and US history as well as CP (college prep) English, i did 2.5 years of Spanish, i am not fluent but i am able to speak the language and writ it pretty well. i finished my math skills up to Algebra 2, in my Science field i finshed Biology as well as Physcis.

Marina was an over all a great institute to achieve my high School Diploma, I learned a lot in my 4 years attending Marina. I am happy with my education at Marina, it did me well to prepare for begging college to start my career as a RN.


Orange Coast College
Aug 2010Jan 2011

Coastline ROP

I was enrolled in Service Careers, where I learned how to further my service with customers. We worked majority on Computers where i enhanced a lot of my typing skills, computer skills, faxing and coping skills. This class helped me to be calm and help out customers with there problems.


People Person
i get along greatly with others, i love group projects. i love meeting new people and all coming together to share our ideas and collaborate new ideas to all reach one goal. while i am great in group i also do pretty darn well independently. i am a great critical thinker and i always get the job done, on time.
Spanish Speaking
i am able to have small talk with everyday words in Spanish, i can ask questions & decipher the answers.
Computer literate
I am able to operate basic and some advanced computer skills. I am great with Microsoft word, windows operating system and the mac operating system. ECT
I am a very well organized person. I love things to be all neat and in order. I am great with putting things in order that are easy to find and get too.


Most Valuable

My Place

Best Attitide & Promotion

On The Rocks