Lloyd Hanson

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Lloyd Hanson

Martin Marietta Materials

Safety Performance Strategies for

Continuous Improvement

n Behavior-Based Process n Focused Communications n Measurement (leading indicators) n Ownership/Operations Driven  nInvolvement Leadership Team


Accomplished executive with domestic and international experience in the global integration of safety systems aligned with the business process. Results-oriented decisive leader with proven success in building highly effective teams and strategic positioning to meet MSHA/OSHA regulatory compliance standards. Track record of reducing operational gaps while spearheading the alignment of operational enhancements to drive continuous improvement. Excel in dynamic demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.

>Visionary leadership

>High-stake regulatory negotiations

>Organizational restructuring/key partnership development

>Tactical/strategic planning

>Top Grading/lean principles/80-20 to achieve manufacturing excellence

Career Objective

To align my diverse background in helping a company achieve a zero injury culture and facilitate a vision for developing a strategic direction that leverages a team-based approach for continuous improvement.

To support a step-change in the safety process and take a leadership role in designing a cost-effective safety process that is considered best-in-class.

To challenge conventional thinking that supports leveraging safety as part of the decision process as a matter of routine.

To provide executive guidance in channeling company resources to achieve MSHA/OSHA regulatory compliance.

To develop thoughtful leading indicators that are supported by a systems approach for engaging management...in addressing safety process gaps as close to real time as possible.

To enhance working relationships with union leadership and promote harmony in building common interests.

To align lean manufacturing principles to facilitate OSHA 18001(VPP) and ISO 14001.

Communication Focus

n Establish clearly defined goals and expectations n Sponsor continuous sharing of best practices n Capitalize on streamlining information systems n Real time reporting as events occur n Safe production as a daily message n Posture safety as a core value n Internal publications n Regulatory arena (MSHA/OSHA) n Public forums n Address safety as an agenda item for all meetings


nEnsure safety process is driven by operations management n Establish line management responsibility and accountability n Ensure safety reporting structure is at the appropriate level n Incorporate wellness as a cost avoidance strategy n Extend safety process to incorporate family issues n Sponsor annual skills development safety conference

Performance Outcomes

n Drive out complacency and maintain a sense of urgency, focus on uniform systems, processes, and practices. n Define accountability and responsibility through the fleet n  Create a guiding coalition for organizational change n Utilize a comprehensive safety culture survey to identify gaps n Develop site specific tactical/strategic action plans based on survey priorities n Build a shared vision for daily integration of safety with  productivity n Identify activities based metrics (leading indicators) n Focus on sharing best practices

Energy Future Holdings

 '09 vs '08 Performance Outcomes

Ò Lost-time rate 54% improvement Ò Dart-rate 59% improvement Ò 80% of mining operations worked without a lost-time injury Ò 30% of mining operations worked without a recordable injury ÒTotal incident rate 34% better than industry average

Work History

Work History
2009 - Present

Director Safety and Health

Stock Building Supply

Develop best in class safety processes that focuses on driving performance outcomes through operations. Identify the strategic direction for creating an incident-free safety culture and inspire accountability throughout each region. The foundation for this consulting role is to engage in due diligence and creating a zero tolerance for associates not following standard safe operating procedures. Create platforms to leverage a systematic cultural change process and introduce leading activities-based metrics that measures the level of contribution for each management/hourly associate.

2007 - 2009

Director Safety and Health

Provide executive leadership for a mining/generation company having operations accountability for the safety services team; having six regions and directing the key priorities for a central staff matrix services function. The scope of this position is to provide direct leadership for executing key safety strategies and institutionalize a universal process for achieving best-in-class safety performance for each business segment. This function directly oversees the coordination/management of 22 safety professionals and 6 regional supervisors. This requires solid business acumen and the capability to directly supervise a team having the leadership ability to drive regulatory compliance initiatives across each business segment and appropriately address the rapidly changing regulatory demands of MSHA/OSHA. This function is accountable for bringing attention to senior executives as appropriate, current and best-in-class operating procedures that supports top decile performance outcomes. The objective of Director Safety and Health Operations is to advance an injury-free culture and to embrace a "no tolerance" mentality that supports the strict adherence to following safe work practices. To help achieve this vision, this function is accountable for the following priorities:

>Visionary to channel new ideas to help operations managment achieve the most efficient methods for modeling successful performance outcomes.

>Promote regulatory compliance solutions that could affect prudent business decisions.

>Drive corporate business strategies and cultural objectives related to safety and health.

>Define and execute coordinated regulatory policy strategies.

>Ensue strategic plans align with operating practices that take into account the changing regulatory landscape.

1999 - 2007

Director Safety and Health

Directed the corporate safety strategies  for a decentralized organizational structure...providing the direct leadership for engaging a team-based approach for achieving the desired business outcomes.

Reduced the casualty expense forecast by 20%. Reengineered the safety and health function to achieve world-class stature. Implemented a paperless comprehensive accident reporting database using a web-based process. Positioned Martin Marietta to be recognized as the industry leader within MSHA/OSHA and leveraged a spirit of cooperation within the agencies. Developed an enterprise exposure model that predicted a range of employee health exposure based on equipment type. Created a liability proof epidemiologic model that focused on sampling data and comparisons to health screening for comparisons to the general population. Implemented a transition for safety accountability directly to operations managment and a performance evaluation system that reinforced performance against defined leading indicators.

The safety process was streamlined to an activities based system and the foundation for performance excellence.

1989 - 1999

Director Safety and Health Warehousing & Retail

Reduced casualty expense by $15 million. Reengineered all safety processes companywide and created a centralized team of 20 safety consultants strategically located throughout the business base. Eliminated 22 managerial positions and reduced labor expense by $2.4 million. Positioned functional role as a consulting focused profit center. Developed state-of-art web-based workers' compensation claims reporting system and new-hire automated preplacement hiring process. Leveraged Flemings' safety process to be recognized as an industry leader by Federal/State OSHA agencies. Integrated short-term disability with the workers' compensation claims process.




The educational focus was geared toward understanding how safety management systems can be integrated into the culture of a company and support regulatoy compliance.


Executive Development Program

Indiana Universiy

This program was aligned with Bendix Corporations' "high potential candidate program" and promoted a skill set for moving people into senior leadership roles in general management.

I headed up the "Erica Foundation Brake Program" as a project leader from engineering design to production. I chaired the senior functional heads (production, engineering, quality, manufacturing, sales) to represent the company with the Ford Motor Company senior management project team. A successful delivery of this product was initiated on time and within budget.



Team Building

Developed a career path for safety professionals that enhanced their ability to provide value-added services to support operations managment. A core curriculum was defined for each safety professional...to assist in identified skill deficiencies and promoted professional development to achieve personal career growth. A key focus was on communication skills and how to evoke a cultural change that inspired a learning organization for continuous improvement.

Regulatory Negotiations

Routinely met with senior regulatory administrators in Washington and leveraged the operations leadership to establish Martin Marietta Materials/Energy Future Holdings as industry leaders. This improved working relationships with the various regulatory offices and defined these companies as placing people as a core value. The ethical conduct of any business is of paramont importance when discussing citation abatement and facilitating the ability to have a positive impact on penalty assessments.

Partnership and Alliance Development

Strategic Planning

Developed a roadmap for organizational change and modeled the corporate infrastructure in the safety and health function to guide/implement the strategies outlined. Prior leadership roles in safety and health required a focus on 3-5 year forward planning and considered a foundation for driving cultural change.

Continuous Safety Improvement



Vince Plets

Director of Safety and Health

Stock Building Supply “Lloyd is an impact player that every team is looking for. He is someone that came into the organization and had an immediate impact on our safety program. He was able to quickly ascertain the level of our existing program and take it to the next level. He is an excellent communicater with a passion for his work. His willingness to work with others to find the best possible solution was the reason the program worked and others were easily buying into safety as the highest priority. Lloyd will be an excellent addition to any team and will increase the everyday awareness and safety culture.” October 27, 2010

Anthony Meyer

“I was part of the team that initially interview and recommended Lloyd to join our team. Lloyd is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and innovative safety professional. He was able to help challenge the status quo and refocus our safety effort. He worked very well with the site staff as well as the support staff in the corporate office to establish our safety vision, standards and expectations. I have no hesitation recommending Lloyd. He would be a great asset.” September 23, 2010

David White

.“Lloyd was perhaps the most visionary safety & health director I have ever worked with. While at Martin Marietta, he took a company with almost no program in place at all to one that served as a model for the entire industry. I am proud to say that I have worked with and learned much from Lloyd Hanson. I would highly recommend Lloyd to any company that is looking for a cutting edge program in the field of safety and loss prevention.” September 23, 2010

Cleo Boyd

“Lloyd is a successful health and safety professional with an exemplary record of performance record improving health, safety, and risk in diverse industries. He has an excellent ability to develop, implement and manage regulatory and loss prevention programs and processes for the protection of workers, assets and the environment. I enjoyed working with Lloyd while he was Corporate Director of Safety and Health with Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. Lloyd was able to elevate our company's focus on safety by implementing several new programs, including a proprietary exposure model that was key in predicting injuries and exposures, and an epidemiologic sampling model to assess and model exposure against the general population. The results were impressive, as indicated by a significant reduction in incidents, lost time injuries, and claims risk. Lloyd’s goal is "zero incidents," and he is tireless in this pursuit. Lloyd's leadership style is very effective by capturing both the hearts and minds of employees in striving towards an accident free workplace.” I wholeheartedly recommend Lloyd to any organization seeking to improve its business performance through effective management of safety and health.” September 24, 2010

Sherry Perdue, PhD

“I would whole-heartedly recommend Lloyd for a senior safety leadership position. In my role as a safety consultant specializing in culture change (Safety Performance Solutions, led by Dr. E. Scott Geller), I've had the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of safety leaders in a variety of organizations and at various organizational levels. Lloyd is unique in his understanding of what it takes to not just create a technically safe workplace, but also to create a safety culture that truly inspires safety excellence.” September 23, 2009

Howard Sandler, M.D.

“Lloyd Hanson is a consummate safety & health professional who possesses outstanding leadership, communications and people skills. Lloyd is knowledgeable in all aspects of occupational safety & health with expertise in a wide range of industries. He is very results oriented and pragmatic. Whether safety and loss prevention program development, risk management, compliance or providing the organizational leadership and motivation to keep an effort moving in a positive direction, Lloyd excels and finds ways to achieve results regardless of the situation.” September 18, 2009

Karen Johnston

Karen has leveraged her vast experience in developing citation abatement strategies for achieving cost-effective solutions for Energy Future Holdings. Karen has worked with me to position EFH to be recognized as best-in-class in the eyes of the regulatory agencies MSHA/OSHA. Karen would welcome the opportunity to discuss my professional experience.