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Basic Mig Tig and Stick Welding; experience working with Aluminum and carbon steel


practical training in the implementation and execution of the 5s philosophy within service and maintenance to improve productivity reduce down time 

Predictive Maintenance

Using Thermal Imaging and other methods to identify and correct areas of weakness before unplanned or catastrophic failures cause production loss

Mechanical Drive Systems

Belt, Chain, and Gear Drive Systems

Fluid Power Transmission

Diagnostics and Repair of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems


Three Phase Motor Control; Variable Frequency Drive ( VFD ); 

PLC (Programable Logic Controller)

Program, diagnose, and service PLC based systems 



South Piedmont Community College


Fontis College

Certified Massage Therapist

Work experience

Jan 2014Nov 2014

Technical Pruner

The Pruning Guru

General landscape services.  Plant specific pruning and maintenance of ornamental shrubberies.  Including: Installation, Technical Pruning, Pest Control,  Fertilization, Disease Treatment, Soil Amending, Irrigation System Programming. 

Jun 2012Aug 2014

Technical Pruner

Atlanta Boxwood Company

Technical Pruner specializing in the care and maintenance of Boxwood 

Aug 2010Jun 2012


self employed

General service residential handyman

Apr 2007Jun 2010

Head of Facilities, Work Leader, Jisha, Ino

Yokoji - Zen Mountain Center

Maintain Facilities of a 160 acre Retreat center.

                    Off Grid Energy Production:     (Solar, Wind, Water, Propane backup generator,                                                                                                Emergency backup generator, 24 v Battery Array, and                                                                                      1 power inverter)

                    Water System:                           (2 600 ft Deep horizontal wells.  250 ft drop to storage tanks,                                                                          500 ft drop to main buildings, 4 Septic Tanks)

                    19 buildings:

                    7 Vehicles:                                 (1 Tractor: Front loader, Back Hoe, Grader; 1 Snow Plow;                                                                                  2 Pickup Trucks; 3 personal vehicles)

                    Data:                                          (8 Phone Lines, Satellite Internet, Protected Office Network,                                                                              Combined Wired and Wireless Network with 6 Wireless Nodes                                                                          and 2 buildings wired with rj45 outlets in every room

                    Gas:                                           2 Large Propane tanks with gas lines feeding every building

Work Leader.  Organize, Assign, and Manage Work ( Creating teams consisting of staff and volunteers to                                                                                           most effectively complete projects and tasks)   

Jisha: Personal Attendant to Abbot

Ino: Service Leader (Train people in procedures and choreographies for services)



Hardy Valet

Park Cars



Certified Massage Theripist

Fontis College

Comprehensive Nationally Accredited Massage Therapy and Bodywork training program